Keeping Your Home Organized When You Have Kids

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Children are a gift to the world, but it takes a lot to take care of them. When you have kids at home, it is inevitable to have your things and even furniture in disarray. Their curious nature encourages them to explore their surroundings and learn from many things. Unfortunately, everything is fair game; that is why you see things that aren’t toys not in their proper places.

It can be challenging to have everything spick-and-span when you and your partner are busy working full-time. On top of that, child care takes so much time and energy as it requires most of your waking hours and free time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your home organized.

Take a look at the list below for some ideas.

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Purge as Much as You Can

If your home is already disorganized as it is and you’re having trouble where to start, it is a good idea to purge all the unnecessary things to contain some of the clutter. Old toys and clothes are recommended to be either thrown away or donated.

Start with one area until you go through all the rooms and sort the stuff into different piles, one for the trash and another for donations. This way, you’ll see the important stuff that was misplaced and put it in its proper place.

Let More Light In

Natural sunlight is good for everybody in proper amounts. It is important to keep areas in the home where the family spends the most time well-lit too. It can be a little difficult if you have curtains in the way.

Use curtain holders to let the sunshine in more easily. Instead of using random strings or ties to hold the curtains back, you can easily install holdbacks for your convenience. A well-lit room will not only make it more spacious and inviting, but it will also improve everyone’s immune system, according to studies.

Open Shelving

You know those parent hacks recommending to get a large toy bin so that cleanup is a breeze? Instead of doing that, opt for open shelving because children are less likely to play with toys at the bottom of the bin if they can’t see them. Have toys and other fun stuff on open display so they see those more often.

If there are a lot of small pieces like action figures and puzzle pieces, get a shallow container and put similar things together. Label containers with words if your kids can already read. If not, label the containers with photos instead.

Make a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Kids will be kids, and mess is just part of life. No matter how much you clean and organize, the house will inevitably get messy again. Instead of berating your family for the clutter, organize a regular cleaning schedule. You can’t really predict the mess that will happen in a day, but it helps to figure out the best time to clean and making a habit of it.

Keep Paper Stash in One Place

It’s nice to put drawings of your children clipped on the fridge, but when there are too many, where do they go? Instead of throwing away the drawings, put them one place because, as any parent will tell you, time will go by and your kids will grow up soon and all you’ll have of their childhood are memories. Keep everything in a custom-made board book so all their drawings and letters to you will last for years to come.

All paper stashes, including photos, can be kept in those books too. You can have multiple ones for photos, a memory book for a special family trip or just photos of your children’s growth and progress. Place all your custom books on a shelf because it looks more organized.

Teach Kids to Clean

Kids are easy to teach, and it is important to instill the habit of cleanliness early in their lives. Instead of being stressed about the mess they create, allow them to do it because they’ll only be young for a short time. Teach them how to put away things in their proper places, wipe surfaces, and even sweep and mop so they’ll do it themselves next time and they will learn how to look after themselves even when you’re not looking.

Don’t Stress about It Too Much

Having kids and mess is just a reality that every parent must face. While it is nice to have a gorgeously clean home, the bond you have with your kids is much more important. When you find clutter and even if you find your house looking like a tornado passed it, don’t stress too much about it.

If you need to take a break from all the cleaning and child care, cut yourself some slack. You can just clean and organize as soon as you are ready, so play and laugh with your kids as much as you like.

What are your tips for keeping a home organized when you have kids? Share your advice below.

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