Kid-Friendly Items for Any DIY Project

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DIY projects and crafts are a way to spark your children’s interests on a creative level. They are entirely customizable and ultimately turn into beautiful, authentic pieces in the end. Before you start any project, there are a few mediums that should be included in your inventory to use for almost anything! Take these few ideas into consideration for the next time your kids are ready to create a masterpiece.


Try to veer away from the typical finger painting activities and think outside the box for new and fun projects to try. One area that’s out of the ordinary is using picture frames. Start by gathering picture frames of different shapes and sizes, as well as any embellishments, such as pipe cleaners, washi tape, paint, glitter glue, jewels, and more. You could even get battery operated lights! Have the kids adorn the frames and think about what they want to put in it, too. They could fill them with a sign for their bedroom door, like addressing whose room it is or

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