15 Kids Mountain Bikes Perfect for All Types of Terrains

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Family trips are a big part of parenthood. That is if you are lucky enough to be able to pencil in time off within your kids busy schedules. Naturally, they would rather spend their time with their video games, forgetting that there is such a thing as outdoor activities. When you finally get your kids out the door for some valuable family time and have the entire family going on a quality outdoor excursion, you will want to make sure it is memorable for them. On that note, nothing says fun as much as going old school and bringing out your riding bikes. Though, if you planned a trip near a mountain, you will find yourself going through a number of different terrains. It is for that reason that  you will want to get a mountain bike for your kids that is perfect for all types of terrains. Here is what you need to know.

What to Consider First

Before you get an awesome, all-star kind of mountain bike for your kids, you must first consider if they know how to ride them. There are also other things to consider when purchasing a mountain bike for kids, and they are:

  • You Need to Get the Right Size

When getting a mountain bike for your kids you do not want to get one that is too small for them to fit in, or too big that they can barely handle it. What you will want to do is find a medium-sized bike that your kids can handle well and competently. Though, you will find that some bike companies are moving from numbers and are instead manufacturing bikes that are either large, small or medium. However, it will differ from one company to the other, just like with shoes and shoe sizes. For this reason, it would be best to get a real-life take and see if the kids actually fit on the bike.

  • Wheel Size Is Important

You must not forget about the wheel size as it is very important in bike riding. The bigger the wheels the better it will be for riding long miles, though they can be sensitive to pressure. On the other hand, the smaller they are the better the bike will be on smashing trails. 

  • Suspension Must Be Kept in Mind 

When looking to get a mountain bike for your kids you may want to keep the suspension in mind. This is the system that is used to suspend both bike and your kid, who is riding the bike, in order to protect them from the roughness they may come across when riding on rough terrains. Keep in mind the old saying of ‘quality not quantity’

The Best 15 Mountain Bikes 

Now that you know what you are looking for, you will have to pick between the different brands and specs offered. You will find that almost each bike will stand out for a specific type of riding. With differences in geometry, weight, and of course price, there will be a number of things to consider. The mountain bike enthusiasts at Two Wheeling Tots explain the differences between their 7 best kids mountain bikes, which have each been tested and proven to create smiles for miles. Though, where some bikes are ideal for entry-level, others are meant kids that already have a bit of experience riding on dirt and are ready to tackle a bit rougher and longer rides.

  1. The HASA 18 Speed Kids Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is a state-of-the-art mountain bike and ideal for most kids. Firstly, it is extremely affordable when compared to other bikes and offers great features, which makes for an amazing bike that offers you value for money. They have quality parts which can be easily found without trouble. The ideal age group for this bike rider is from ages 6-9. As for the safety features, the HASA has a suspension fork which will have your kids ride around without any troubles. It does not matter if they are faced with a trail that is bumpy, or even if the terrain is rocky, this bike can do it all. 

The number 18 stands for the number of gears this bike offers. In layman’s terms, this bike will give your kids, no trouble, whether it is a downhill slope they are faced with or if it is an uphill pedal they have got to get through.

  1. Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Kids Mountain Bike

The Mongoose is a perfect choice if you value your kid’s happiness as well as your budget. This is a bike that is suitable for ages 9-12, with it being able to support heights up until 5’5’’. Boasting a staggering 21 gears, this sweet ride will have your kids go uphill with the utmost ease. If you are worried about its braking system and ability to quickly stop, then worry not, as the Mongoose 2.1 comes with the feature of a side pull brake. As for this mountain bike’s suspension, it features a dual suspension, which promises to give your kids a smooth and enjoyable ride. 

Though, when looking to buy this bike for your kid, you must keep two things in mind. The first thing is, upon receiving and unpacking this bike, you may need to make a few adjustments, to customize it to your kid needs. The second thing, the quality of some parts may not be the best the market has to offer and a huge indicator will be the price. 

  1. Diamondback Mountain Bike El Oso Nino 

If you think you saw awe-inspiring, breathtaking mountain bikes before, then you have not seen this one yet. The Diamondback will crush anything in its path with its amazing, low pressure, humongous tires. They will reshape themselves according to the terrain, as well as grab every bit of traction. All of which makes this mountain bike yet another runner up for one that is perfect for all terrains. With its suspension system, you can be sure that the whole riding experience for your kids will present them with zero issues. Though, seeing as how this bike is made of steel, you might want to make sure your kid can control it without difficulty beforehand.  

  1. Diamondback Bicycles Sync’r Mountain Bike

With Diamondbacks, you can always be certain that they will give you a lot of raw power. While it is best for kids from ages 10 and above, this is because of its size and wide handlebar. Though it only comes with 9 gears, which may seem little, they do get the job done. The options that are offered with this bike’s gears are things like hills, paths, relaxed bike riding, and trails. The suspension forks on this bike is said to be one of the best as it gets to smooth out all the bumps and shocks your kid may take. 

  1. Schwinn High Timber Kids Mountain Bike

Best for ages 8-12, the Schwinn High Timber is almost perfect for those that want to hit the trails. It is extremely low priced, with you being able to pick it up for as little as $250, maybe even less. With a good suspension system and a seat to complement the suspension’s job, your kid may have all their worries and doubts about taking hard hits from the bumps and shocks put to rest. It comes with a large gear, supporting 21 different speeds, which is always fun and helpful when faced with an uprising slope. 

  1. Pacific Girl’s Tide Mountain Bike

If you are looking to get a bike on a budget, this Pacific Girl’s Tide Mountain Bike will be perfect. You can get it for as little as $150, which is a real bargain. This bike is best for kids ages 8 to 12. The Pacific Girl’s Tide boasts a whopping 18 gear system, which will have your kid climb up and down with virtually no worries at all. The gear is made up out of 6 gears in the front and 3 in the back, providing with great stability. 

  1. Raleigh Rowdy Complete Mountain Bike

Ideal for the ages of 8-12, this mountain bike is one of the few mountain bikes that are not all expensive, which also features a disc brake. These are mechanical brakes that are near-perfect at providing a power stop, which your kid may need when riding up and down the hills. However, no system is completely without issues. As you will find, they will need regular maintenance. 

  1. Prevelo Zulu Mountain Bike

With the balance and shape this bike’s body holds, your kid will be riding up and down different terrains with complete confidence. The suspension system this bike holds is very efficient and effective. It is an SR Suntour XCR 24’’ air fork with adjustable compression and lockout, in other words you do not have to worry about safety. That complemented by its 10-speeds, you can be sure that your kid will have fun without having to worry about sustaining any injuries. 

  1. Commencal Meta HT Junior Mountain Bike

This one is regarded as the Rolls Royce of mountain bikes with quite a hefty price tag. You can pay as much as $1,199, which to be honest is a little bit too much. Though, to be fair, it does give you value for your money. It brings with it a Hydraulic Tektro disc brake which is specific to kids. The suspension system is absolutely impeccable, as it will have your kids become unaffected by the rocky terrains and bumps in the trails. With 10 different speeds, you can be sure that the bike will not let down, no matter the type of terrain. 

  1. Commencal Clash Junior Mountain Bike

Bikes have never been made so perfect or so beautiful as this mountain bike. Just like its sister bike, the Commencal Meta HT Junior, it boasts the same kind of hydraulic disc brake system, which is regarded as the best brake system in the market. You can expect to receive the best suspension, 11-speed gear, tires, and practically everything. Though, expect to pay up to $2,499.

  1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The Schwinn High Timber comes in many shapes and sizes, and it gives its rider easy access to 21 gears. The shifts on this bike are easily made and extremely smooth. The seat of this bike is adjustable and it comes without a tool, which makes it easy to adjust. It features an effective brake system, which provides for a good short stopping distance.

  1. Roadmaster Granite Peak Girls Mountain Bike

Offering a 24-inch wheel, this type of bike is going to be perfect for your kid’s confidence and their ability to ride without getting injured. Though, it is best for older children given its larger size and the mechanism by which it functions. They have 18 gears that switch by an easy mechanism which has them twist. You can find it for as little as $100, giving you great value for your money.

  1. WOOM’s 20-inch Mountain Bike

The WOOM’s 20-inch mountain bike is really good and ideal for those looking to buy a bike on a budget. It is great for kids aged 6-8, and can even come with training wheels, which will give your kid the confidence to explore nature first hand. Though it is very strong, it is also very lightweight, which will make it easy for both your kids and you to move around freely.  It comes with gears that provide 8 speeds and works well in all terrains.

  1. Dynacraft Gauntlet Mountain Bike

With 21 speeds, you can expect to have this mountain bike unleash an influx of joy onto your kids. No terrain will stand in its way, as it features smooth handlebar gears. It also comes with a padded seat that will give comfort to its rider. The bike features both front and rear brakes, each very effective.

  1. Guardian Kids Mountain Bike

When a mountain bike becomes as lightweight as the Guardian, you should know that what comes next will surely be as equally amazing. It comes in many different sizes, starting at 16 inches, going all the way up to 24 inches. The braking system on this bike provides excellent control for your kids and it also features 6 gears that make it easier for your kids when faced with inclines. 

When looking for a bike, you must make sure that it offers what your kids need. Consider where your kids will be riding their bikes, their skills, and your budget before you purchase one. Always look for safety features first and make sure the bike can tackle any obstructions on terrains it will be used for. With the right bike, and a little practice, your kids will be able to keep up with you on your mountain biking adventures.

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