Kids Outdoor Activities For Your Backyard

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It’s summertime and if you have kids you’ll know what it’s like to hear  “I’m bored” or “Give me something fun to do”

When this happens, it’s difficult to think of fun outdoor activities so I thought I’d help you out by giving you some ideas suitable for keeping your children entertained in the backyard.

There are a million different websites offering game ideas so we wanted to try and offer some unique ideas that will encourage your children to be active both physically and mentally.

Physical activities for the backyard

Children have a lot of energy to burn off, especially during the holidays when there is more free time than they know how to handle.

We are going to take a look at some physical activities including sports, circus games, and obstacle courses.

Outdoor obstacle courses in your backyard

We have all watched Ninja warrior or had fun on a high wire obstacle course, so we know how much fun they can be. 

Creating an obstacle course at home can be as simple as laying down some soft stepping stones or hula hoops and jumping along with them in the form of a course.

If you want a more realistic experience you can even buy a backyard obstacle course that can include a slackline, monkey bar rings, climbing ropes, and other fun obstacles just like you see on the Ninja warrior tv show.

You can race on a backyard obstacle course against friends or make the course more challenging with the aim of strategically finding and thinking your way to the other side like a Ninja warrior.

Gymnastics skills

Gymnastics is fun because you can learn fun tumbling skills without needing any equipment, apart from a gymnastics mat or safe surface to practice on. 

Kids love to do cartwheels, handstands, and roll around the garden so why not find some videos and teach them some gymnastics skills. You can even buy gymnastics equipment for your home or garden if they are taking gymnastics more seriously.

Sports suitable for your yard

There are a lot of sports that can be played individually in a small space and you can even practice skills required for team sports, by yourself.


Swingball is an exciting tennis-based game that can be played with one or 2 people at the same time. Players have to hold a tennis racquet and hit a ball that is attached to a pole.

The aim of the game is to hit the ball and spin it round to the top or bottom of the spiral section of the pole. It’s so much fun because the ball moves fast so you need quick reactions and it’ll really improve your timing. 

What I love most about this activity is that you can hit the ball so many times without having to pick it up until it loses momentum. All this practice will also help your kid’s tennis game and hand-eye coordination when they get back onto a full-size court.

Crazy golf

There is nothing more exciting and no sport that makes you laugh more than a game of crazy golf. It’s cheap to buy some plastic golf clubs or a regular putter and then you can use a golf putting mat or soft plastic golf balls to create a course around your yard leading up to hold.

The most skilled you are the more you can experiment with hitting over objects. If you can’t find a hole or need a bigger target you can use a hula hoop ring and hit the ball into that in as few shots as possible.

Backyard basketball hoop

Basketball is one of the best activities for your children to play in the yard because it’s so simple and you can play individually or with a whole team.

Kids love spending hours shooting hoops, kicking the ball into the hoop, and challenging each other to shoot hoops from ever more difficult positions.

There is something relaxing and rewarding about throwing a basketball into a hoop and bouncing the ball around.

Throw a flying disc

If you have a little bit more space you can buy a flying disc and give your children the chance to learn how to throw it accurately to each other. Stand close together at first and move further away as you get better and can judge the distance.

You can even create your own backyard version of disc golf and make a target to throw the flying disc into.

Backyard Circus games

A visit to the circus is a chance to see people take part in some exciting activities and demonstrate some very unique skills. 

Your kids might not be able to tame lions anytime soon but there are a lot of circus activities that are suitable for your garden.

Using a diabolo is one exciting circus skill that requires learning a new and challenging technique, but also manages to be fun because it feels great to balance the plastic top on a piece of string held between 2 sticks. You’ll need lots of patience though and plenty of time to practice.

Your children could also learn to juggle or balance on some stilts. Circus equipment is usually cheap and there are a lot of different activities to learn that help children to focus mentally and physically on challenging tasks.

Why are backyard play activities so important

Being outdoors is great for children. In a time when computer games and electronics are so innovative and good at holding a kid’s attention all day long, it’s nice to be able to encourage them to take a break and get some fresh air and exercise.

Harvard health recently wrote about some of the benefits of backyard play. They considered that children need safe sun exposure for Vitamin D, being outdoors can encourage socialization with friends and an increased appreciation for nature.

Overall, I hope I’ve given you some ideas for backyard play activities that will help keep your children busy. Feel free to play around with different activities and invent your own games, or encourage your children to create their own activities.

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