Kids� Safety in School Buses: 5 Tips Every Parent and Teacher Should Teach A Child

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If you’re a parent, your child’s safety is your top priority. So, when you prepare for your children to ride the school bus, you want to know they will be safe and sound.

Throughout the school year, approximately 23.5 million children ride a bus to and from school every single day. This makes the school bus system one of the largest public transit systems in the country. 

While experts have concluded that riding the school bus is the safest way for children to get to school, this doesn’t mean that the bus is completely risk-free. Here are 5 safety tips to teach kids, to ensure they stay safe when riding the bus.

  1. Being Careful When Around The Bus

According to a CIPP report, 24% of bus-related injuries occur when passengers are either getting on or off the bus. The zone 10-feet in front and 10-feet behind the bus is known as the

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