6 Kitchen Installments You Can Easily Do On Your Own

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We all like to save money by doing things ourselves, but the problem is that we all have different skill levels. Some people can only hang pictures, whilst others are able to extend their homes. This article sets out six practical tasks that can be achieved by anyone of an interim level of skill – or who are prepared to research beforehand and give it a try.

Kitchen Faucets

Installing kitchen faucets can be completed by most amateurs if they do the research upfront. Looking online, the experts provide an extremely useful guide that provides installation advice, but they do also recommend seeking professional help if feeling overwhelmed. Professionals should also seek help if a leak develops after the ‘do it yourself’ installation. To install the faucet, any waste disposal needs turning off. The water valves will also need closing, and the faucet has to be run to reduce any built-up pressure within the water pipes. A basin wrench is needed to remove the existing nuts before the faucet is removed. 

The new faucet will need to go into the existing holes. Any empty holes will need to be filled immediately. The faucet tubes are installed, and the nuts tightened. The water lines and supply hose have to be connected together, and the waste disposal is turned on again. Having un-screwed the aerator, which is at the tap’s end, the water should be run for a few minutes. It can then be restored to its original position.

Kitchen Cabinets

Having new cabinets can transform the look of any kitchen. The key thing here is to draw a plan well in advance and to take accurate measurements. Paper or online catalogs tell you the exact measurements of the potential purchases, so you can choose correctly. One needs to select the chosen look and finish to ensure it matches the kitchen’s overall appearance. The units will need to be installed to fit the existing spaces. Any cabinet directly above a cooker will need to have a protective hood below, as this could be a fire risk.

Cabinet Doors

It’s a superficial change to just replace the cabinet doors. Having said that, it can actually have a big effect on the kitchen’s overall appearance. The first task is to attach the hinges to the doors as per the instruction manual. Next, the side panel of the cabinet is to be attached to the hinge plate. This is a two-person job, needing someone to hold the door in place while you are lining it all up. 

Kitchen Backsplash

This is another great way to change the look of the kitchen with relatively minimal work. People can use anything from metal roof tiles to laminate flooring. There are even ‘stick-on’ versions using peel and stick tiles or stick-on vinyl. The overall look doesn’t have to be plain. Some vinyl looks as patterned as wallpaper, and many people favor a mosaic-style appearance. 

It’s worth picking up a paintbrush as an alternative. A fresh new coat can help make the kitchen look clean, and bright colors such as white can make the room look bigger. If someone has stenciling skills, they can be put to good use when creating the backsplash design.   

Kitchen Counter

Provided the measurements are correct, it’s not too hard to replace the kitchen counter. The key is to select a durable wood that will not be easily chipped. It can be obtained from builders or DIY or hardware shops. Reclaimed wood is worth considering too. One has to remove the old kitchen top and disconnect the plumbing, and the sink will need to come out as well. 

The process goes from gluing to clamping in position before nails are applied to secure everything in place. The sandpaper is used to ensure the worktop is smooth. Pre-stain is added before the stain, and finally, several coats of polyurethane topcoat will need to be applied for protection and waterproofing. Couple this with a Kleenmaid cooktop and you will have a fantastically functional kitchen setup.

New Kitchen Lighting

A simple change of lighting can again help with the overall look of the kitchen. The room might become brighter for food preparation. Some people choose fluorescent lighting, or pendants and chandeliers. Lights with shades may look good, but will definitely reduce the overall brightness of the room. Flush mount or semi-flush mount lighting can be selected where this will be the main light source for the room. It’s also worth looking at indirect lighting that goes underneath wall units.

Any kitchen appearance can be changed after a makeover of new faucets, cabinets, and doors, or a new kitchen backsplash or kitchen counter. With the right research, tools, and measurements, these tasks can be achieved by any layperson. It is very fulfilling to then enjoy the changes for many years.  

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