Know What The Symptoms of Cat Separation Anxiety Are

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Do you know cats are independent being that is why people don’t understand the cat separation anxiety? Yes, it is true cats can be considered social beings that too can form a long-lasting relationship with another being. However, kitty can feel abandoned due to owner’s busy work schedule or routine change. It is much difficult to spot compared to dog separation anxiety. They start meowing a lot thus becoming clingy. Cats reflect signs of fear or defecate outside the box. These signs tell the cat feel depressed, anxious, and neglected. If you see any of those symptoms then do read the article and have clear knowledge about it.

Is it possible for the cat to get separation anxiety?

Yes, you can see it very well from the fact that they began creating a big fuss and making noise when left alone. This happens because they feel depressed and become lonely. Most of the time cat owner unnoticed these changes and don’t have an interaction with it. However, in this condition, the cat must need your attention, enough playtimes, and a stimulation environment so as to be healthy and happy.

Common cat anxiety symptoms and signs

Behavioral problems arise when there is a dysfunctional bond created between the cat and the humans. The cat urinates on owner’s cloth or else on the bed when they felt being thrown. They can even scratch doors, furniture and knock things. It is because they try to self-soothe this will help them to get you back.

Other popular symptoms include house-soiling, clinginess, isolation, vomiting, and diarrhea, not eating, excessive meowing and clinginess.

Understanding it in deep: what’s the cause

What is the real cause of cat separation anxiety to environmental from genetic to health issues? Given below are certain things that allow you to know more about it-

  • Early weaning– The kittens that were away from siblings and mother is more prone to this particular condition. They should not be separated from the feline family until they have reached 8 weeks. Lack of socialization could be the main cause of anxiety. Cat began to socialize between nine weeks of their age.
  • Genetics-Feline separation anxiety could be caused due to genetics. High strung cats are more prone to this type of conditions. You can provide mental stimulation and pet exercise rather than changing genetics.
  • Lack of stimuli or change– cats got attached to the owner when they get bored or wish to play. Other triggers may include the death of a sibling, move, a vacation, family member and changed work schedule.
  • Health issues– before making any diagnosis or deciding to have a cat anxiety treatment, you must first consider their actual health problem. You can check for allergies, urinary tract infection, parasites, skin issues, intestinal disease, hyperthyroidism.

Treatment option for cat separation anxiety-

First of all, you need to diagnose your cat through cat separation anxiety then your veterinarian recommends treatment. Cat anxiety treatment might include drugs and behavioral modification that are necessary. The vets will help you in modifying behavior if they find symptoms, not at all severe. Reductions of stress, as well as increased stimulation, are two modification techniques.

You can seek assistance from pet expert if you get stuck anywhere.

Ensure enough playtime-

The easiest and first thing you can do is to start playing with the cats every day. This may include different toys in a prescribed play session that help you to satisfy prey drive. Encourage the behavior of the cat when they get to play alone. you can make use of praise, treat, petting so as to modify behavior. Never ever allow behavior such as meowing, behavior that is clingy.

Stimulate the environment and make it safe

You can easily get a vertical scratching post and cat tree. The cat feels safe in high places. It becomes even better when the cat watches birds from such a high peak. Or else you can send her to a private entertainment committee. The scratching post is highly useful as they keep all of your furniture intact thus allowing your pet to scratch, stretch and make territory out of it. You can make use of tools like toys, pet cameras, and puzzle feeder when you are going out for a big event. In addition to this, you can provide your cat favorite food full of nutrients.

Desensitize anxiety triggers- cat anxiety treatment

You might have seen the cat often get nervous when you are ready to leave the place. Things like briefcase, purse, jacket, or shoes are things that trigger anxiety. This can send the cat into panic mode. You can try preparing to escape, suppose key triggers them, then put them pack. Or shoes trigger, then you can put them on after some time.

When the cat no longer freaks out, you can actually leave the house within this short period. After returning home, greet your pet or play with them. The companion is less stressed when left for an extended period of time.


Why medication is essential?

The medication is essential in order to ease the symptoms. You never ever try to give medication without any consultation with your vet. Some cat is sensitive to a particular drug type that is why it is essential to consult first.

The vet will prescribe the drug if the cat has genetic factors that cause anxiety. The vet provides meds like lorazepam and alprazolam.

Other medications may include buspirone, antidepressants, and benzodiazepines. After analyzing the cause and severity of your cat’s separation anxiety, the vet will offer the proper medication needed to treat your cat.

If you don’t like the idea of giving your cat pharmaceutical drugs, a more holistic option is now available. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an extract from the agricultural hemp plant. CBD oil has been found to work extremely well in managing symptoms of anxiety. Now, it is available for cats too. One of the top recommended companies with CBD oil for cats is HolistaPet. They produce organic CBD tinctures for cats, as well as CBD cat treats to make the process even easier. Please note it is always best to educate yourself before using any supplements for your cat. Their website will have much more information on the topic.


Cat separation anxiety could be dangerous, so always ensure you offer a safer and secure environment and enough playtimes to your new cat. You can even follow all the tricks and tips mentioned in this article. This would help the cat and encourage them to enjoy well. You can monitor the cat through the pet camera that has unrivaled functionality. The ease of separation anxiety can be overcome by chasing a light beam and hearing your voice. You can even have vacation time with your cat that would match her mood.

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