Know Where Your Kids Are Doing Trick or Treating On Halloween Night

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Halloween is one of the most famous festivals in the United States and people celebrate it on 31st October. Yet again the scary festival is right around the corner and parents are busy giving the finishing touch to the children’s Halloween costumes. Furthermore, parents also have been made double checks in their surrounding neighborhoods to make sure to know whether sex offenders are living or not.

It will make their decision easy to allow their children to play a Halloween trick and treating outside the house on Halloween night. The Halloween itself is well known for evils spirits, ghosts, and the rituals but another fact is full of worries for the parents, in Michigan State registered sex abusers are allowed to pass out candies to children in the response to trick and treating.

 “The sex offender’s registry or the Law in the state of Michigan does not prevent this type of activity; the lieutenant Lisa Rish of Michigan state police department stated that. “So, it could be possible that a convicted child predator can hand out candies to children. The reason behind the possibilities, a convict may on parole, probation and having some kind of bond condition, they are not allowed doing so at the time. However, they can pass out candies within the roles of the Law, she added.” Therefore, parents have to keep an eye on their surrounding neighborhood to make sure whether a child abuser is living there or not.

How to monitor your kids on Halloween night when they doing trick or treating?

Tracking sex offenders on Halloween night can make difference but always keep in mind that there is always an element of surprise.  A child predator could be there and it is also possible that he/she is not a convict yet. So, no matter what if you are searching in the sex offender registry you will only get the names and details who are already been convicted and now they are living in your surrounds, but what about the ones who are not convicts yet. 

Therefore, the parents must make sure the monitoring of the children before Halloween to know what they are planning about Halloween on social media and even with a stranger online friend. Moreover, you have to track the GPS location of children in real-time to know at what places they are doing trick and treating. You can do it all with mobile phone surveillance software. So you need to monitor your kid’s cell phone devices to know about their current and exact location on Halloween night.

Track your child mobile phone to know where kids are doing trick & treating 

So, you just need to get your hands on the mobile phone monitoring software and then install it on the target device of your children and put your all worries to rest. You can simply do it now by getting a safe Halloween discount 40% on the cellphone tracking app. You can get the subscription online and then get started with the process of installation by getting access to the targeted phone. When you have done with the installation get access to the web portal and visit multiple tools that empower you to monitor social media activities of children before the Halloween and on the festival night you can track live GPS location of your child alongside location history.

Parents can simply use the information of the sex offender’s registry and then come to know about the presence of the sex offender in the neighborhood. Now you have the information about the child predators and you have the high tech –tool to monitor your kids. So, you can create Geo –fence on the MAP and mark safe and restricted places for your kid to play a trick and treating in the neighborhood. You will get instant alerts at the time when children enter the fence and also get alerts when they are about to in dangerous places. You will get email notification when children going outside the fence. Before Halloween, you can come to know whether your kids are planning something dangerous with strangers online because there is always a stranger danger in a neighborhood that can wear Halloween masks and harm your child.


Now celebrate this upcoming Halloween with your kids and give them the freedom to perform a trick and treating in the neighborhood. You have the information about the neighborhood and you can track your children’s location in real-time and to the next level.

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