Laser Removal Equipment is More Cutting Edge than Ever Before!

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(If Seeking to Improve Appearance, Laser Equipment now Makes This Easier and More Cost-Effective!) 

Laser removal equipment is not new.  Although introduced in the early 1990s as procedures for surgery, lasers became a favourite of cosmetic surgeons across the globe for the removal of all types of cosmetically bothersome bodily abnormalities.  Procedures now range from acne to scar and tattoo removal, with hair removal being the number one sought after procedure. Even lesions and wrinkles can now be removed quickly and rather painlessly using the newest laser removal equipment.  The word “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation. Controlled radiation is sent in pulses to affected areas and is either used for removal of acne, hair, and lesions, as well as tattoos, or to even smooth out wrinkles, giving an individual a much younger appearance.  The equipment is so well advanced now that downtime is almost non-existent, and the newest equipment, like sciton joule, has made procedures virtually painless.  

Depending upon the procedure sought, different types of radioactive waves at different frequencies are used.  Adjustments are made to the type of wave, the strength of the wave, time length, and the number of sessions. There are laser equipment machines now available that can be used to solve a wide variety of problems, but each problem needs a special solution.  The number of sessions needed may vary from patient to patient, but a knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon now has the most advanced technology at hand now to usually provide nothing short of remarkable results.  Guesswork used to play a large part in the early stages of the use of laser removal technology, but now with all the technical advances of the past decade, such advanced removal technology exists, that although skill is still needed, precision is now at its peak!

Cosmetic surgeons still need skill when using this new technology however, as any cosmetic procedure is of course, still surgery, even if minor.  It’s surprising though, that the advances have now made it more possible for individuals to seek out procedures that are affordable, as there are laser removal technology equipment rentals and even “used” laser removal equipment for sale online and in ads targeted towards cosmetic surgeons.  Cutting down the costs for the surgeons, does cut down the cost of the procedures for individuals, as cosmetic surgery is usually never covered by insurance, unless a person is disfigured from some type of accident or mishap. Weight reduction surgery can be covered, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, restorative surgery after accidents, Invisalign treatments, and even breast reduction are procedures that use lasers and are cosmetic also but have a vast effect on a patient’s health and therefore may be covered by medical insurances.  Procedures that are “purely” cosmetic in nature most likely will not be covered.  

Laser equipment varies not only in the strength of the radioactive wavelength but also in the type of materials used to generate the wavelength.  Everything from just simple pulsed light, to metals that produce radioactive waves, to gemstone usage for transmission exist within the field of this equipment now.  There are now such a variety of methods depending on the treatments sought, that the field of laser removal equipment is literally exploding with new machinery each year.  

Being able to rent laser equipment for removal of unsightly and embarrassing cosmetic flaws does not mean this is a procedure one should attempt themselves.  There are ways to purchase and use this technology at home, and some individuals do choose this method, especially for hair removal, but since there are risks, there can be serious side effects.  Serious damages can occur when these machines are used improperly, and a good cosmetic surgeon should always be the one performing the procedures. Although all laser removal methods carry some risk, tattoo removal seems to carry the most, as the tattoo can be deep within the skin, having been placed there via a pulsating needle machine.  Tattoo removal is now much more effective than it was in previous years using the latest laser removal equipment, but it’s still a procedure that takes a lot of skill and usually several sessions.  

Even fat removal can now be achieved using laser technology, but this also is a procedure that is limited to the skills of a good cosmetic surgeon.  This is certainly not a technique that should ever be attempted at home even if a person can gain access to the machinery!

All in all, there is so much advancement now in laser removal equipment that almost any cosmetic procedure can benefit from the use of this equipment.  Individuals no longer must suffer unsightly physical flaws, but research and doing due diligence in the choice of cosmetic surgeons and the procedures themselves is still needed.

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