Le-Vel Thrive Review: A Seller’s Perspective

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When it comes to MLM and direct selling companies, there’s certainly no shortage. There’s a reason for that — direct selling provides a number of attractive benefits for emerging businesses. Rather than hiring, training, and outfitting an army of in-house salespeople, these companies essentially outsource the entire sales process to freelancers. This saves a significant amount in startup capital for the new business. At the same time, the freelance salespeople become owners and operators of their own businesses, with the freedom to work how and when they choose, and the potential to earn more than would be possible as an in-house agent. This all have been possible because of the best business communication apps. You can also check out Money Brighter.

As a stay-at-home mother of twins, it was this freedom that initially caught my attention. As a direct seller, I would be able to plan my own hours, work around my sons’ nap schedules, and not have to worry about my work-life cutting into my family time. And the prospect of earning some additional income was a nice bonus — you might be surprised at how much money goes into diapers when you’ve got a pair of ravenous five-month-olds. Some companies try to find commission only sales reps.

But I also had some reservations. It’s no secret that some MLMs are little more than pyramid schemes, and the last thing I wanted was to invest in an ‘opportunity,’ only to have it turn out to be a ‘scam.’ So, I started researching possible options. And that’s when I stumbled upon Le-Vel Thrive.

What Is Le-Vel Thrive?

Le-Vel is a direct selling business within the nutrition/health-and-wellness industry. Their main product consists of what they call the “Thrive Experience,” which is a three-part system designed to optimize health, aid in weight loss, improve cognitive ability, and more. 

The Thrive Experience consists of “Premium Lifestyle Capsules,” “Ultra Micronized Shake Mix,” and “Lifestyle DFT with Fusion 2.0 Technology.” Or, in layperson’s terms: pills, shakes, and transdermal Thrive patches — used based on a daily schedule in conjunction with personalized health goals. These products are essentially unique delivery methods for a range of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrient supplements. The ingredients also contain green tea and coffee bean extract (for some added energy).  

I first heard about Le-Vel Thrive from my older sister. She had started using the product a few years ago, and since that time had been openly enthusiastic about it. Interestingly enough, she had never bothered selling for Le-Vel, content to be just a customer.

That was the first thing that caught my attention. Most of the shadier (pyramid-like) MLMs tend to approach products as an after-thought — their focus is on bringing in more downstream distributors so that those at the top can enjoy more kickback. But with Le-Vel, it was obvious from the beginning that the company really believes in what they are selling. My sister loves the Thrive Experience, and after checking out a number of Le-Vel Thrive reviews on review sites and social media, I saw that a large portion of their customers believe in it as well. And this includes those customers who aren’t actively trying to sell the product!

But what about those who are selling the Thrive Experience… or are considering selling it? 

Le-Vel Promoter Benefits

My research into selling for Le-Vel led me to the Le-Vel Seller Rewards page, where the various compensations were outlined. And while things like free products and an iPad mini certainly piqued my interest, I was more focused on what kind of income I could expect. Obviously, as a seller I wouldn’t be earning a flat rate, but rather a percentage. And the more I would sell, the more I would make — pretty standard for sales professionals, no matter what the industry. 

Le-Vel promoters earn 20% of the amount of their customers’ orders (which isn’t bad for direct selling). Additionally, they earn a percentage of the customer web orders generated by promoters in their Sponsorship Tree. Again, not bad. 

But what about the experience? Is selling for Le-Vel a positive thing? Before I committed to anything, I’d need to take a deeper look.

Other Seller Benefits

A short search on social media brought me into contact with a number of Le-Vel promoters who were more than happy to talk with me about their experiences. And among their favorite parts of working with Le-Vel (aside from the earning potential), are a few commonalities that I think are worth sharing:

  • A Tight-Knit Community
    There’s a stereotype of the direct seller that depicts a stay-at-home mom (and hey, I happen to fit that stereotype, so I’m not going to knock it), but the reality of selling for Le-Vel is that promoters come from all different backgrounds and walks of life! The promoters I communicated with all pointed to the diverse, yet-tight-knit community of sellers. And when you’re operating your own business out of your home, having a support base of people in similar circumstances can be invaluable.
  • A Unique Business Structure
    Le-Vel’s business structure is designed for optimal remote-work capability. In fact, every person working for or with Le-Vel — from brand new sellers, all the way up to the CEOs — works from home. This is facilitated by a unique cloud platform, freeing up money from maintaining offices, and putting that money back into supporting promoters. 
  • True Freedom of Location
    A lot of MLMs tell you that you’ll be working from home, only to then send you off to knock on doors or travel to host product parties. But with Le-Vel, product promotion occurs online. That means sellers get to enjoy unique flexibility to work from wherever they prefer.
  • A Quality Product
    I mentioned that my sister has been a fan of Le-Vel for some time now. And while she doesn’t plan on becoming a seller, there are a lot of Le-Vel customers who do make that leap. Why? Because they believe in the product. In fact, every Le-Vel promoter I spoke with said that they made the choice to start selling for Le-Vel based upon their positive experience with the Le-Vel three-step process. And, because they’ve been customers themselves, they understand what their customers are going through, and what the product can offer them.

In Conclusion

OK. So we’ve talked about Le-Vel, what kind of compensation their promoters get, and what some of the other benefits of selling for Le-Vel might be. But what about my experience? Did I end up becoming a promoter myself?

Well, long story short (if it’s not already too late for that), I started selling for Le-Vel. And I have to say, so far so good. I’ve been able to make some new friends, set a schedule that fits my life and responsibilities, and earn enough additional income to help offset diaper costs (among other things). And, because I won’t sell something I don’t believe in, I’ve also given the Le-Vel Experience a try — and I’m extremely happy with the results (but that’s a Le-Vel Thrive review for another time).

So, if you’re interested in becoming a direct seller, consider Le-Vel. Check out some reviews, talk with promoters, and give the Thrive Experience a try. You might just discover a new career opportunity that fits your own unique lifestyle.

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