Learning About Marijuana Addiction and How To Help Your Loved One

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The studies show that marijuana can have the same addictive impact on you as the alcohol, making it difficult to quit it because of a chemical ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It can produce intoxicating effects. While 90% of people can use cannabis for recreation purposes, the remaining 10% have higher chances of facing harmful consequences. The reasons behind this could be their inability to control the doses, intense cravings, continuous use despite negative experiences, and increased tolerance for it, etc. Even after suffering medical conditions, if the person uses it, that means the person has cannabis use disorder.

In Florida, these cases are on the rise. If you want your loved one to get over this habit and the resulting health challenges, then take the person to a trusted Florida drug rehab center for help. It can provide necessary therapies and guidelines to treat the disorder, which otherwise can affect the different aspects of an individual life severely. The person can experience:

  • Diminished performance level in economic or academic life
  • Feelings of suspicion and withdrawal symptoms in social life 
  • Increased risk-taking tendency and irresponsible behavior 
  • Negligence towards relationships with spouse, children, and others
  • Cognitive impairment leading to poor motor coordination, judgment, memory, etc.
  • A feeling of delusion, hallucination, paranoia, anxiety, panic
  • Medical conditions, such as lung cancer, respiratory problems, etc.

An insight into cannabis abuse diagnosis and remedy

A person is suffering from marijuana abuse when he or she feels a compulsion to use it or depends on it physiologically. The continuous use and its adverse effects on a person’s social, economic, and educational life can only reveal this disorder. You may wonder why this is so. The thing is people develop tolerance towards it, and hence, it becomes difficult to diagnose it, especially when they are in a state of intoxication.

Warning signs to note 

However, there are some warning signs which you can track. These include redness in the eyes, marijuana smelling cloth, yellow fingertips (mainly if consumed in the form of a smoking joint), uncontrolled cravings for a specific type of food, persistent coughing, and so on. 

One of the most dangerous things about being addicted to a drugs and alcohol is mixing them. Once you start mixing alcohol with drugs things begin to get more dire. Seek help ASAP and avoid becoming a statistic.

Since it can be difficult for the person to control cravings or deal with its impact, you must admit the person to a proper inpatient facility. The experienced professionals there can take care of everything. The person can experience withdrawal symptoms due to a reduction or stop in the use of cannabis. It could manifest in the form of anxiety, nervousness, aggressive behavior, low appetite, restlessness, depression, sweating, tremors, stomach pain, fever, headache, or cold, etc. But if there is professional medical attention, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your loved one.

Just remember that the misuse of cannabis has increased in the last ten years, with 12 to 17 years old by 3.4% and 18 years and more by 1.5%. Not only that, but it can also put the person at risk of alcohol disorder, tobacco disorder, depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, and many such conditions. So, instead of waiting it out to show its worst impact on your beloved, take the person to a proper treatment center at the right time.

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