The Legal Options After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

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Someone who is injured in a car accident by a drunk driver is entitled to compensation for their injuries. However, knowing who to request compensation from, how much to ask for, and how to get it are all things to carefully consider, as the right answer can differ from case to case. The easiest way to handle this and to get as much compensation as possible for the accident is to talk to a lawyer, not the insurance companies involved. 

Talk to a Lawyer About All of the Options

Insurance companies want to settle for as little as possible to avoid paying out a lot of money for each case. For those who are injured by a drunk driver, contacting a lawyer is often a better choice. A lawyer can look into all of the options for their client, which may mean reaching beyond the driver’s insurance company to find other liable parties. This can enable the injured person to get more money to cover medical bills and other expenses from the accident.

Sue the At-Fault Driver for Compensation

The at-fault driver is typically the party held liable for a car accident. This means they are responsible for compensation for the victim of the accident to cover medical costs, future medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement, and any additional costs like lost wages incurred by the victim of the accident. Insurance will cover this if the driver has insurance in good standing, but it’s possible the costs related to the accident exceed the amount covered under the driver’s policy. If the driver is not insured, they can be personally held liable for the accident, but it is likely they won’t be able to pay all of it out of pocket. 

Look at Other Liable Parties

If a driver causes an accident because they were drunk, it may be possible to look at other parties to see if they can be held liable. In the case of drunk driving accidents, it may be possible to get compensation from the company that served the alcohol to the driver. These laws can vary by area and can be difficult to understand and apply to a case, so this is an area where a lawyer is needed. The company has more money than the driver, though, so this can be a good way for the injured person to ensure they receive enough compensation to cover all accident-related expenses. 

Dram shop laws, where the company that is serving the alcohol can be held liable, apply in situations where the company should have known not to serve the driver, such as when they’re visibly intoxicated already or known to be a habitual drinker. If the person is already visibly drunk and is served more alcohol or sold it through a liquor store, the company may then become liable if the driver causes an accident. Victims can seek advice from a lawyer to see if their case falls under local dram shop laws

Victims of a car accident are entitled to compensation to help them financially recover, but it can be hard to gain the full amount of compensation needed. A lawyer can help the victim look into all of the options, such as using dram shop laws, to get more compensation for their clients. Talk to a lawyer about your case today to learn more.

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