Little Explorers in the Big Easy: Family-Friendly Wonders of New Orleans

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New Orleans is regarded as the central hub of the Southern part of the US, offering numerous activities for enjoyment. The city is known as “The Big Easy” because it promotes relaxation and easy life. There are numerous opportunities to relax and enjoy life in New Orleans, from beautiful museums to unique parks. The city is also full of incredible food, culture, music, festivals, and generally wonderful people.

In a city with historic streetcar transit, music around every corner, and mouth-watering treat stores, there are lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras or simply for a weekend getaway to soak up the Cajun ambiance, the city is dynamic and a great place to take the family. So, here are five things you and your family can do once you arrive in New Orleans.

Rent an Accommodation near Café Du Monde 

Enjoy a bite with your family at an open-air cafe in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Cafe Du Monde has great coffee, and the baked goods are a must-have for every New Orleans vacation. 

So, for starters, search for cozy New Orleans vacation rentals near the cafe, and enjoy its delicacies whenever you want. You can rent a unique mid-city house, condominium, or townhome, or maybe splurge more money and rent a luxury residence. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits your and your family’s needs. 

In addition, keep in mind that the cafe is open 24 hours a day, and tables are first come, first served, so there’s no need to wait to be seated. However, during traditional breakfast times, there is usually a line. After your snack, you can head to the back of the cafe (riverside) to peek through the window to watch the beignets being prepared.

Go on a Carriage Ride 

This delightful New Orleans activity is particularly kid-friendly and does not require reservations. The horses are lined up directly across the street from Cafe Du Monde in front of St. Louis Cathedral, and you can simply go up and climb aboard. This is truly a fun way to see the city and indulge in history along the way. It’s also entertaining to listen to the tour guides as they pass by while you stroll through the city; even native New Orleans residents can learn something new.

Visit Jackson Square

Check out the local artisans selling their work throughout the perimeter of the area. Perhaps get a picture or caricature done of your family. Gaze up at the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral and picture what it was like to live here centuries ago. In addition, if you are facing the cathedral, on your right-hand side is a little restaurant called Stanley. If you are up early, go there for breakfast and enjoy the various delicacies they offer. 

Check out the Audubon Zoo

With more than 2000 animals to see, the Audubon Zoo is a great place to spend a fun family day. Don’t miss the chance to interact with an elephant, catch a sea lion show, gaze in awe at the apes, or ride the Swamp Train or the Carousel. The zoo is easy to get to and has loads of activities, making it the perfect place for the entire family

However, if it’s really hot outside, you might want to bring your bathing suits and check out the Cool Zoo, a mini water park within the zoo. Just remember that it costs an additional fee once you’re in the zoo, as it’s not included in the admission fee. However, despite their affiliation, the aquarium and zoo are not close to each other. 

Take a Swamp Tour

A New Orleans swamp tour allows you to get out of the city and reconnect with nature with your family. Take your family on an exciting airboat ride that goes from land to water at great speeds. Snap pics of iconic Louisiana swamp scenery, and encounter local wildlife such as alligators, turtles, and nutria rats. Hear stories about swamp mythology and Acadian history. A swamp tour is a great opportunity to learn more about Louisiana’s distinct Cajun culture.

Final thoughts

New Orleans is a slow-paced city. So, let everyone pick one must-see place for the trip, but don’t organize every minute. The city goes with the flow, and that’s the way you should see it. Sit in the shade, eat a snowball, listen to the soulful sax or the tapping of dancers on the pavement, and inhale the night-blooming jasmine. Leave your schedules at home, switch off your phone, and spend quality time with your family in this musically enticed and relaxing city.

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