Long-Lasting Relationships-How To Spend LifeTime Together

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Long-lasting relationships seem like a miracle, while some people struggle to stay together for a few years, despite deep feelings, there are couples – ‘unicorns’ – that seem to get stronger over time, who despite all the inconsistencies of life found the way to save their world. Although all people are different, and there are no set-in-stone rules of behavior, long-lasting couples do share some similarities. Let’s look into the cornerstones of close ties that grow stronger over time.

Long-lasting relationships


Communication is a fundamental part of any kind of relationship. It helps to stay connected and build a level of trust between the partners. Meaningful communication is based on equal opportunity to express one’s thoughts. It is about listening, hearing, and understanding each other, not just answering automatically. Obviously, there are some things you may not be willing to share with your partner, due to a variety of reasons, however, if you feel that you struggle even with a simple conversation, it is a way to set your worlds apart.

When the partners are together, yet there is no openness in communication, it will build walls of silence in the long term.


At the dawn of a relationship, everything seems to be adorable in the partner, we are all attracted by some facial features, character, charisma, etc. However, with the flow of time, these things are not enough, as the inner world becomes the main player. Long-lasting couples develop together – language courses, cooking classes, sports, dancing, adventures, etc. Family is not about losing yourself in the needs of others, it is a conjoint trip on the way of growing up and developing the personality.

Physical Intimacy

Physical attachment is a crucial part of the relationship. Being physically close helps to maintain trust and affection between the partners. However, it is not only about sex, it is the desire to touch, pat, kiss, hug a person, caress the hair, maintain eye contact, and just lie in bed looking at each other. Such closeness helps to build special bonds, the chemistry between the couple, something that will keep them together through thick and thin.

Sexual activity

Sex is obviously important, but its role may not be as influential as at the beginning, everything depends on the couple’s preferences and health. Considering how hectic and stressful our life is, one of the partners may lose the desire to have sex or just have sexual dysfunction. Trustful couples will not try to conceal the issue, they will discuss open-heartedly their worries and will resolve everything together. As it is a highly intimate thing, everything should stay within the couple. Provided that one of the partners requires nowgreenhealth24x7.com help, it shouldn’t become a topic of a hearty discussion between friends.

Love languages

Both partners can be in love with each other, yet, unless they learn each other’s languages, their marriage will come to an end.

There are five basic love languages – quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touches, and gifts. If one of the partners wants nothing but time, and the other expresses love with acts of service (i.e. helping around the house), they will struggle to find common ground. If one partner expresses love with words of appreciation, and the other one needs gifts, as a token of attention, it will lead to dissatisfaction.

Understanding the love language of a partner is crucial for keeping the couple alive.


Freedom is the primary source of happiness and marital well-being. Some people take freedom as an ability to switch partners and have non-attached relationships; however, it is just an unwillingness to make a commitment.

Freedom is the ability to be yourself and be accepted and valued for who you are. Partners feel free to express their thoughts and ideas, without being belittled or mocked. Relationships with freedom have no place for superiority or “I know better” attitude. It is always the balance of two people and their commitment.

Freedom is about trust: when friendship with the opposite sex is not a matter of argument, when there are no phone checks and constant “where have been” triggers.


Let’s admit it, traveling is always cool, as it gives a chance to break free from the conventional routine and get a taste of life. It is one of the best ways to spend quality time together, build long-term memories, and create special bonds with the partner. While traveling, partners see the real them, without masks and social roles, which is beneficial for the strength of the marriage as well. When reaching the age, couples reflect on their memories making the days brighter and happier.

Long-lasting relationships are real, they exist, and not because one of the partners just turns a blind yet to the misdeeds of the other. Such connection is built on trust and equality when everyone feels comfortable in their world,  growing stronger over time. Marriage is an opportunity to develop together and share your happiness with your partner, explore the world around and enrich your life. Enjoy your time together, it is priceless.

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