Looking For a Hydroponic Herb Garden? Here Are Some Tips to Get Your Started

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A few decades back, the idea of growing plants without soil would have sounded like a futuristic concept best suited for a tech show. Well, this is an idea that actually dates back to the 7th century. Hydroponic gardens are the in-thing for anyone looking for a new way to grow healthy plants without hogging all the space.

Looking For a Hydroponic Herb Garden? Here Are Some Tips to Get Your Started

Basics of Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic herb gardens allow you to make use of indoor space to grow high-quality crops, especially where space is limited. As space for traditional farming continues to dwindle, there is every reason to consider a hydroponic garden, whether you are a homeowner or a tenant. The systems work by allowing roots to come into contact directly with nutrients without use of soil.

Some systems use growing media while others don’t. The nutrients are delivered directly to roots through a water-based nutrient-rich solution. Light is also essential for plant growth and this can be either natural or artificially supplied. With a hydroponic garden, the farmer has control over nutrient intake and there is no hassle over soil setup and testing. These systems are not afflicted by weed and many plants can fit into a small space.

Buying the Best Hydroponic Herb Gardens

There are many hydroponic systems in the market and choosing one can be tricky. While all these system automate the growing process, there are other features that distinguish one from the other. It is important to use a reliable resource such as https://www.geekwrapped.com/guides/indoor-hydroponic-herb-gardens to do some research before getting started.  

Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Power balance – The power rating is clearly indicated to show how much power your hydroponic garden is going to draw. It also indicates the intensity of light expected with 5 to 45W being an ideal balance.
  2. Planting sections – The number of pods should correspond with the number of plants you intend to grow.
  3. Grow height – How tall can the plants grow without being restricted by the lighting system? An adjustable height for the lighting system is more recommended.
  4. Size – Space is a major consideration when shopping for hydroponic systems. A bulky system will bring in complications when setting up and will negate the advantages of using a hydroponic system.
  5. Energy efficiency – It is better to go for an LED lighting system as opposed to CFL and HPS.  LEDs save energy andlast longer.
  6. Aesthetics –You can choose from a variety of colors for the lighting and also the construction.  

Top Rated Hydroponic Systems

When shopping for a hydroponic system, consider the following top rated products which have been reviewed by experts from https://www.geekwrapped.com/. They include Micro-Gro Bounty Wi-Fi, Micro-Gro Sprout, Micro-GroAeroGraden Ultra, Click & Grow Indoor Herbal Garden, Micro-Gro Harvest Elite, Micro-Gro Extra, and Micro-GroAeroGarden Harvest 6 among others.

Some of the major considerations when rating these products include the features, ease of use and maintenance, control panel, automatic app functions, water level viewing, small footprint and water and nutrient reminders. These are some of the considerations you should use too when shopping for a hydroponic herb garden.

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