Love Day Looks: 10 Outfits to Steal His Heart

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Any 21st century woman will tell you she doesn’t care about chocolates and roses but, honestly, every girl wants to feel a little extra love on that fateful night in February. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we know you can’t help but wonder what Mr. Right has planned for you, the woman of his dreams.

Well, sit down, sister, we’re about to drop some truth. You think you want your guy surprising you with a romantic evening for two but ya don’t. We both know his idea of romance doesn’t hold a candle to what you can (and do) come up with in your sleep.  

Be the heroine of your own love story and take charge this Valentine’s Day or else risk dining by the not-so-flattering blue glow of the sports channel while the aroma of two for one eggrolls waft in the air. Put your beautiful brain and big heart to work setting the scene for your romantic evening and give him a much-needed lesson on what true lovers really celebrate on V-day.


  1.    Romantic Restaurant

What better excuse to try out that new hot spot everyone in your office can’t stop talking about than Valentine’s Day? Go for more of a traditional romance feel and book a quiet table for two where shared plates are optional but canoodling is highly encouraged.

What to Wear

Make an entrance he won’t soon forget in a gorgeous valentines day dress and sexy black heels. With a look this good, it won’t be the food he’ll be drooling over.  


  1.   Fall From the Sky

Take a leap of faith this V-day and surprise your special someone with an adventure for two that’s sure to get his heart pumping. Try something new and exciting together like indoor skydiving or bungee jumping to remind him that love – like you – is exhilarating no matter how long you’ve been together.

What to Wear

Of course dress appropriately for such a physical activity, but keep in mind that you will probably be taking a lot of pictures – and you don’t want to look frumpy on your Insta feed. Best to go casual cute with your favorite Spanx Leggings and statement statement tee so that you’re ready for anything – especially a live stream.  

  1.   Sunset Hike

Get physical with your lover this Valentine’s Day and go for a sunset hike at your favorite trail. Enjoy the fresh air while you compete to see who’s in better shape and then reward yourselves with a gorgeous view from the top. Don’t forget to pack some tasty snacks for your sunset view. After the work you’ve put in to keeping this relationship moving forward you deserve a little something sweet.

What to Wear

Wear cute and comfy sneakers to keep him on his toes this Valentine’s Day.

  1.    Recreate Your First Date

Remind your guy of the luckiest day of his life thus far and recreate your first date together. Take him back to the spot where he first saw you flash that drop dead gorgeous smile and set his heart aflutter all over again.

What to Wear

No need to wear the exact same outfit too. Remind him that as much as you can appreciate the past, you live for the present. Treat yourself to a sexy new valentine’s day top to show him that you are a woman who’s not afraid of a little change.


  1.   Escape Room

Bond over the panic of being trapped in a room together where the only way out is solving elaborate riddles in under an hour or else risk being mocked by the gate keeper/zombie/mad scientist that’s taunting you with the answers the entire time. In other words, try the newest “it” thing this Valentine’s Day with your partner-in-crime and see what all the hype is about together.

What to Wear

Don’t waste valuable brainpower on second-guessing your outfit. Put on a cute dress and then get to work solving puzzles. You have a room to break out of.

  1.   Cook Together

Let the kitchen be the way to his heart this Valentine’s Day and plan to spend a quiet evening at home cooking each other’s favorite foods and drinking good wine. Just don’t forget to leave room for dessert – spreadable chocolate, anyone?

What to Wear

Have fun dressing up for a night in and put on a sexy lace dress and ankle strap heels to create the magic of an evening out all in the comfort of your own home.

  1.   Helicopter Ride Over the City

Go big this Valentine’s Day and take a helicopter tour for two of the city you fell in love in. Pack a blanket to keep you warm as you take in the sights below and don’t be afraid to squeeze your man a little tighter when the flight gets bumpy. Not only will he love the thought you put in to such an amazing experience but also he’ll love being the one that keeps you safe when you’re flying high.

What to Wear

Keep things stylish on this adventure and wear something preppy and fun. As for shoes, tan booties would be a great choice for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  1.   Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Have fun coming up with a list fit for a romantic scavenger hunt. Start simple like roses, chocolates and something red. Once you’ve got the hang of it get creative, like a couple selfie from the top of a Ferris wheel or a picture of a proposal-in-progress (just visit every rooftop bar you can think of and we guarantee you’ll find one). Plan to spend the whole day together letting loose and you’ll come out a winner – regardless of where your list brings you.

What to Wear

Keep it casual during this on-the-move game for two. Think your favorite distressed denim and a fun, cute new valentine’s day top to keep his eyes on the prize (that’d be you btw).

  1.    Sexy Game Night

When it comes to love you don’t play games – unless, of course, it’s sexy game night. Make this exclusive evening a bit risqué and have fun playing dirty with games like strip poker or sexy Jenga. With a little thought – and some liquid courage – we’re sure you could spice up just about any evening in.

What to Wear

Show him that you’re in it to win it with a sexy romper that calls all the shots.   

  1.    Themed Movie Night

Take advantage of some prime cuddle time this Valentine’s Day and plan a themed movie night at home for your leading man. Pick a flick that you both will enjoy (sorry, Bellas, you’ll have to wait for girls night) and have fun planning a concessions menu to compliment your theme. Looking for a twist on a too-familiar evening? Rent a projector and create your own theater under the stars with comfy blankets and pillows. Make the most of your picture-perfect evening and we’re sure this will be a night he won’t soon forget.

What to Wear

You may not wear it to an actual movie theater, but why not show off your little black dress for this intimate screening? Just make sure you pick a movie you’ve seen before. With a look this good, that movie won’t be able to hold his attention for long.


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  1. Great tips for fashionable dress and style to steal the heart but know days people are sharper and just do not impress with fashionable clothes, they want their partner should have some special ability to protect him/her and keep happier and take care. Aare you agree with me.

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