I Love My High Heels! Why Don’t They Love Me?

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In today’s society, women are on the go more than ever. If you aren’t working full-time, you may be backpacking across countries or running your kids around to a variety of places. Taking care of your feet is more important than ever. You probably enjoy wearing high heels but can’t wait to take them off at the end of your day. Foot comfort is a key component for a healthier and more energetic day.

High Heels are Beautiful

High heels are beautiful and you may collect them or show your latest pair off to your friends. Most men love the way they elongate the leg and boost your rear end. When you think of formal wear usually high heels are included in that thought.You may enjoy wearing a three-inch high heel with your work attire because of the aesthetics.These things may make you feel obligated to wear them but you’re not. They have many appealing features and can cost you more than a paycheck per pair but they may cost you much more in the long run.


What does my health have to do with it?

Heels are notorious for being the subject of scary health articles from doctors telling you not to wear them but with good reason. When you wear heels you are most likely putting enormous strain on the ball and heel regions of your feet. That strain may attribute to shock, pressure, a shorter calf muscle, a thicker Achilles tendon, inflamed tendons and foot disorders.

Your feet could commonly suffer hairline fractures, corns, calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails, significant pain, and swelling. Pump Bump is a common term for the bone protrusion that can form at the back of your heel from high heel straps or firm edges on the back of the shoe. Broken or sprained ankles can occur from falling in high heels due to the impaired weight you are putting over your feet. You could even suffer from Metatarsalgia, or joint pain at the ball of your feet, from lengthy wear.


Foot care is your best friend

Improper foot care can lead to many serious knee, foot, and even back problems. Women have a much higher likelihood of accidents in high heels and that even increases the more inches you go over three. That could mean surgeries than span the course of the rest of your life all from those pretty spiked shoes. Foot comfort can start simply by wearing them for a shorter amount of time or by adding gel insoles for high heels with arch support to minimize the damage. You may want to decrease the average ninety-degree angle your high heels are generally putting the position of your feet in.


Preventative measures

Since you most likely won’t stop wearing high heels completely, there are some things you can do to prevent future injury or exacerbating any issues you may already have with your feet. First, keeping some flats in your purse and rotating between them throughout the day can help decrease the time you are in those gorgeous torture devices. Start trying to wear thicker high heels instead of skinny stilettos to generally assist in less pressure being applied to your heel. While wearing a thicker high heel you may notice you feel a little more stable and you will likely lessen the probability of painful accidents.

Open toe shoes can assist in pressure relief from calluses and possibly reduce swelling. The fit of your shoe could be more important than you realize. You might try looking for high heels that are wider in the toe region and narrow at the back to hopefully avoid excess space from your foot sliding forward. Last, getting regular foot massages can help with muscle strain or swelling, not to mention they probably help you and your feet relax after a stressful day.

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