Magic Show For Business Events: How To Organize One Effectively

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Don’t you think your employees need a break? They’ve been married to the grind, pulling all-nighters, switching seats, and reporting every bit of information to your desk like you’re the king of Buckingham palace. 

And let’s face it, coping with stress daily due to work has agitated you. So what’s the quickest form of refreshment? A night at the bar? Party on a yacht with your employees or host a dinner at a fancy restaurant? – frankly speaking, these are “mainstream” ideas. 

The best way for you and your company to regain refreshment is to add a little bit of entertainment to your ensemble. Entertainment is one of the essential things for a healthy life. So how about a magic show? People love that!

Hiring a magician for corporate events is most likely the solution to your entertainment problems. Undoubtedly, you’ll effortlessly find a professional magician to blow minds. However, the real question is: how will you organize the event? You can arrange the magic show in various ways. Let the show start with less-sophisticated tricks and end with the most elaborate performances. 

Furthermore, if you’re in charge of organizing the event, don’t leave everything to the magician because his job is to do something that charms the wide-eyed child in all of us. You, on the other hand, are responsible for tracking each detail. Don’t know how to make it happen? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick the Best Magician 

Choosing a magician for your corporate event is not rocket science. Start with your associates and check who has seen a magic act lately. Search for locally-based entertainment establishments as they might have appointments for a performer for the event in your area. You can even browse the internet for magical artists and discover if they have their websites. Look for photos and video clips of various magician candidates for your corporate event. 

Try to make a list of all the prospective candidates, schedule meetings with them, and get a sense of their performance and personality style. Do you need someone with a humorous wit or someone that reflects an air of mystery? Decide the entertainment capacity. 

Furthermore, when booking a magician for your event, choose between micro-magic or close-up magic. Now, you must be thinking, “where can I find a magician who can do both?” Don’t hold your breath because there’s one magician who’s quite the charmer, Daniel Kane; the trollkarlar. Hire him for your magic show and start making room for compliments because you’ll be receiving a lot of them from your guests.

  1. Identify the “Type of Magic” you want in your event 

The most important step of organizing a magic show for the corporate people is to consider the kind of magical-entertainment you want.

Suppose you want your event to be intimate and familial. In that case, a magician specializing in close-up magic is an excellent choice. He will perform a piece in front of the invitees settled at dinner tables. 

Often, the magician will ask for audience contribution and use ordinary objects like coins and napkins, everyday objects that people can relate with easily. Besides that, make sure the seating arrangement is perfect so that everybody can witness the magic up close and personal. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Discuss Performances with your Hired Magician 

After you have booked your event magician, discuss your needs and gather a decent concept of the functions he’d be performing. That way, you can get a clear idea of what you and your guests at the corporate event will be witnessing and whether it appeals to the sore eye or not!

  1. In Case of a Global Audience 

If your corporate event is more significant, such as a trade show, an awards dinner, or even a sponsored cruise, consider choosing a “global action.” Specially tailored for a more influential audience, the magic act may present excessive showmanship. Your guests may have to chip in as well upon the magician’s request. 

Furthermore, corporations may call upon a magician with a remarkable stage act because of their universal appeal. If all of this gets handled before invitations and other things, it will become easier for you to select a place and set up a time for the event. 

Remember, every magician will have a unique schedule. Understanding what the plan is going to be will be essential in any case.

  1. Make Sure the Magic Tricks have Fillers 

When hosting magical events, bear in mind that magic shows have intervals. You don’t want your attendees to get lost in the dead air, do you? 

During intervals, make sure that the magician you hire has some filler material so that no one gets bored. To keep the interests alive, you can advise your magician to incorporate the following ideas:

  • Tell jokes. Who doesn’t love to laugh? 
  • Disappear entirely! The magician will not run out on your show. Instead, he will take a mundane trick and transform it into something fantastic
  • Mockery. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of impersonation. You get many laughs, and it also breaks the tension!

Let your magician know he’ll be performing these fillers to maintain suspense and shockers!

  1. The Ending Should be Spectacular 

Now for the final part; make sure it has an excellent story. 

Again, discuss it with your magician and suggest he bring out an elaborate stunt. After all, it is the biggest and best trick of the event. Therefore, your job is to take care of every detail since your magician is only here to entertain your guests and not organize the event.

Make it worth the while so that your employees would want you to organize more events shortly for entertainment purposes.

The Verdict

Now, that’s what we call a magic show! 

Usually, individuals and companies organize events to spread joy among the close people and the people that might have contributed to the organization’s triumph. On the flip, some organize events to take a break from the daily grind.

Regardless of the reason, contenders can take these parties to the next level by hiring a professional magician. Indeed, this would add spice to the celebration as the expert magician would use plenty of innovative ideas and tricks to entertain the attendees. It also makes them feel delighted through every minute of the event!

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