Make Your Feast a Little Bit Lighter With Edible Arrangements

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Make Your Feast a Little Bit Lighter

Is it just me, or is it crazy tat this week is Thanksgiving already?  The holidays seem to come around faster and faster each year.  I know that many of us are trying to watch what we eat because of our health.  I still want you to enjoy your turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and other yummy goodies.  But did you ever think to get an Edible Arrangement?


With Edible Arrangements you get two things in one – a beautiful centerpiece, and dessert!  Do you see those “leaves” in the above picture?  Those are chocolate covered pineapple!  How neat is that?  I’m not a huge chocolate fan (shocker for a female, I know!) but I can definitely go for some chocolate covered fruit!  Not to mention, this is a great way to sneak some fruit into the kid’s systems this Thanksgiving.  I’m sure they won’t even realize it.


If you are not having Thanksgiving at your place this year, an Edible Arrangement would be a great hostess gift!  The hostess can serve it that day or they can keep it to themselves.  I have to say… I’d more than likely keep it to enjoy myself that weekend.  After just cooking a feast for a bunch of people, I would deserve a break!

Don’t forget Edible Arrangements this Thanksgiving.  They have a lot of great options for all tastes and all budgets!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. this is so nice! I have to keep Edible Arrangements in mind for special occasions and holidays – ppl appreciate healthy options nowadays and this is perfect!

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