Make Incense From Kratom Powder

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Incense is a therapeutic substance which when burnt releases smoke. The aroma produced relaxes the body and mind. Kratom naturally has relaxing and euphoric characteristics so using it as incense is an ideal way to get the most out of it.

Kratom powder incense is safe and easy to use. The aroma it produces is pleasing and relaxing. You can use kratom powder from to make kratom incense. They also have sticks and cones for this purpose.

Risks of Burning Kratom Incense

Before we dive right into how to make kratom powder incense, it’s important to look at the risks involved.

1. Indoor Air Pollution

Burning incense often releases toxic gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and Sulphur dioxide into the air. These can be quite harmful to your health.

You should open a few windows when burning kratom incense to allow the circulation of fresh air.

2. Fire hazard

When burning kratom incense there is a chance of embers igniting or the incense burner tipping over and catching fire. To prevent this, always keep your burner away from objects that might catch fire. You should never leave kratom incense unattended when burning. At the end of every session always extinguish the burning incense stick.

How to Make Kratom Incense

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to get down to the real work at hand, preparing kratom incense! Some of the materials needed have to be dry so you might want to begin the process a few days earlier.

The first thing to do is to gather your ingredients and things you’ll need. You will need the following:

·         Uncoated bamboo sticks or metal icing cones.

·         Kratom powder.

·         Your preferred dry herbs.

·         Makko powder.

·         Mortar and pestle.

·         Warm distilled water.

·         Wax papers.

Let’s have a look at some of these ingredients

Makko Powder

It comes from the bark of a tree called Tabu No Ki (Machillus thunbergii). It serves two important purposes in the making of kratom incense:

·         It is combustible. This means that it keeps the incense mixture burning for long.

·         It binds and holds your dry incense mixture together once you’ve prepared it.

Bamboo Sticks

They’re commonly used in incense making and you’ll need them to wrap everything around.


If you’ve opened a kratom packet at some point, you already know that it doesn’t precisely smell like roses. Kratom powder has a strong and potent smell which can be overwhelming on its own.

This is why you need to add aromatic herbs to your incense mixture. These will make your kratom incense much more pleasant. Popular choices include:

·         Sage

·         Lavender

·         Lemongrass

·         Cedar

·         Sandalwood

Whatever herb you choose, always make sure to use the right amounts for your incense blend.

Always take note of the ingredients you use so you can improve your recipe in the future.

Steps to Follow When Making Kratom Incense

1. Remove the stems of your dried herbs before placing them in the mortar.

2. Grind your herbs and kratom into a fine powder using the mortar and pestle. Generally, one incense stick contains 6 grams of kratom powder. You can adjust this quantity depending on the effects you desire.

You should then set them aside for a few hours to allow them to combine thoroughly.

3. Add the Makko powder. Add a little bit at a time while mixing it all.

4. Add the warm distilled water to the mixture using a dropper until it attains a dough-like consistency. Make sure the mixture doesn’t become runny.

5. Proceed to knead the dough so that everything mixes well.

6. When the dough is ready, wrap it around the bamboo sticks. This should be about ¾ the length of the bamboo sticks.  Place a piece of wax paper on the sticks.

7. Leave the sticks for at least 12 hours and turn them around regularly to allow the dough to dry. Make sure all the water evaporates before you can start using the sticks.

When the incense sticks are ready, place a stick in a heat resistant bowl that is filled with sand. Light the stick’s tip and once it’s alight, blow out the flame so the material continues to smolder. Open a few windows, sit back and relax!

Store the unused incense sticks in an airtight container for later use to ensure they don’t lose their potency. Place the container in a dark, cool place out of the reach of children and pets.

Kratom incense is easy to make and it gives you a chance to customize the drug to your liking. Take your time to experiment with the ingredients so you can find what works best for you.

Benefits of Kratom Incense

·         Kratom incense produces a relaxing effect that eases your mind and body. It clears your mind and gets rid of stressful thoughts.

·         Burning kratom incense can stimulate you and allow you to focus and concentration on a particular task.

·         Burning kratom incense can have pain-relieving effects.

·         Kratom incense can also combat conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and opiate withdrawal.

Apart from having the benefits of regular kratom, kratom incense creates a peaceful ambiance that is freeing and liberating.

Using Kratom Incense

·         Never use kratom in a room that has no ventilation.

·         Never leave your burning incense unattended.

·         Don’t use a lot of kratom powder for your incense. 6 grams should be enough to produce sufficient effects.

·         Never use kratom in a room with children and pets. Kratom incense is not good for them.

·         Choose the right time to burn kratom incense. Never burn incense when operating machinery.

·         Set up your burner in an area that is free of fire hazards such as loose paper and other flammable materials. Always have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of anything.

·         It’s always ideal to let your incense burn out completely and extinguish on its own.

Kratom incense is an ideal and effective method of using kratom. The effects usually last for a while and generally it isn’t too overwhelming. Follow the steps described in this guide to make high-quality kratom incense and enjoy the results of your hard work!

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