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Staying in shape might always not be possible for women. Especially, during pregnancy! But when you scroll through the top women fashion bloggers in your social media sites, you can’t but help the way they dress, even with the baby bump. Not a single body part or pound looks out of place. These women make pregnancy look fun, effortless and of course fashionable. Not the words that most women would be able to relate with pregnancy. But staying in style during those nine months isn’t tough as well. You need to figure out your body type, the way the baby bump takes its shape and select maternity wear accordingly.

Step out from the jaded maternity clothes

Yesteryear notions make maternity clothes a dull affair. Step out from this mind pattern to add fun and excitement and then shop maternity clothes. For this, you need to know when to start buying for your maternity wear. Different people will provide you with different ideas and suggestions. Keeping every thought in mind is tough. So, to make life simple, refer to the following signs listed below. When you resonate with a few of the prominent signs, know that it’s time to get on with your maternity wear shopping.

  • You unbutton your pants buttons even before a heavy meal
  • Those button-down tops or shirts no more button down completely
  • You are bloated for the most part of the day
  • You develop an affinity for spandex
  • Your baby bump peaks out of the shirt or top

Maternity clothing based on four major body types

Though pregnancy is individual for every woman, still there are four broad pregnancy body types. Once you know which body type you are, maternity cloth shopping becomes easy.

  • If you are huge all over

Generally, it’s belly where women gain maximum weight during pregnancy. However, for some women, the body weight gets distributed all over. It makes them appear triple their weight and huge. Has your limbs, face, and hands swelled? If yes, you aren’t alone. Don’t fret! You could be feeling like a plus-size model now. But let that not come in the way of our selecting the best maternity wear. Long lines and soft fabric are perfect for you.

Opt-in for soft fabric leggings. It makes your belly feel comfortable as it grows. Choose a long black classic tunic is you wish. Choose dark bottoms to make your legs appear elongated. Also, make sure your top is stylish and breezy. A pretty cuff, beaded neck piece or a sleek bracelet adds to the look.

  • When your bump is low

For many women, the baby bump is on her lower torso. Here you need to browse through attires that have a soft waistline. You can choose the “below-the-bump” style dresses. It looks simple and cute. Also, it accentuates the body shape without making you look over the top. Go in for joggers and soft fabric sweatpants that have an elastic waistband. Tapered leg cut is a must. A smooth band is also essential. It will keep the low-belly comfortable and stress-free. Colors like gray or fabrics like cashmere are a good choice. Wear a loose tee and put on your sleek sandals. Whether you want to meet an old friend over brunch or run an errand, this look is perfect.

  • When your baby bump is high

If your baby bump is slightly higher, you can choose from a few cute maternity clothes. Use a high belt to separate the baby bump from the bust. You can get creative with your belt and use it with your tunics and dresses. Choose a skirt with a high waistline. Make sure that the material is smooth and comfortable on your body. You can select black, but that’s a common choice. Get experimental and vibrant with a lighter shade. Choose light pinks, orange, beige or lilacs. If its winter time, you can sport a breezy cardigan and choose a statement neck-piece.

  • When you have a small belly

Do you have a petite body size? Then your baby bump will show off with the other parts of your body appearing same.  But this is good news. Women with a petite body size can experiment with maternity clothing line. From skinny, low waist jeans to graphics printed tops and skirts, there’s much for you to browse and select.  

Why not show off those legs if they are in good shape despite your pregnancy! Other than your skinny jeans you can also sport the chic boyfriend-jeans trend. Wear a neutral color top and add a knotted belt. It will complete your look entirely.

Sizing of your maternity clothing

Usually, the maternity clothing designers label maternity wear size based on the pre-pregnancy sizes. For instance, a pregnant woman with a pregnancy waist size of 30 can easily slip into 30 size maternity pants. Generally, the maternity pants of a 30-size waist are usually a bit more than 30 inches in size. So even if there is a slight change in the weight, which causes your waistline to increase, fitting into the maternity pants will not be a problem. This sizing technique is also applicable to tops, dresses and other maternity clothes of sizes 0 to 14 and even plus size.

Shopping for maternity dresses and tops

Choosing the right kind of maternity tops and dresses is essential during the nine months. During these nine months a woman’s arms, breasts, and belly get more prominent. Comfort is the most important factor while selecting fashionable maternity dresses.  There are several types of maternity clothes available, such as blouses, sweaters, T-shirt, tank tops, and dresses. You can also slip into over-sized T-shirts. With soft fabric leggings, it looks new age and chic. The maternity tops come in multiple neckline choices and sleeves, such as the three-quarter sleeves, loose-sized half and tapering sleeves.

The online stores today help you select the best of maternity wear. The best stores provide you with a collection of maternity bottoms, denim, rompers, skirts, tops, shirts, evening dresses, tunics, and sleepwear. Today, leading stores have multiple sizes and choices related to maternity wear. Browse online and select the store that provides you with variety in clothes, fabric, and sizes.

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