Make Meal Time a Fun Time for Your Fussy Little Eater

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A full-on battle wasn’t what you had in mind when you started feeding your fussy kids. To make it easier we have got your back with some easy tricks and tips!

Make Meal Time a Fun Time

Being parents, one of the toughest struggles is feeding our kids the right nutritious food. We believe that if our kids aren’t eating right then we are failing as parents. We’re not always striving to win the “Parents of the year” award but we must at least try to convince our kids to eat right.

Children can be fussy. These stubborn little angels are quick to turn into devils when it comes to food. Throwing, tossing, or refusing food are some of the tantrums parents quickly witness. There comes a time when we throw in the towel, give junk food, and stay content that we are not leaving our children hungry. However, this will affect the way they grow up. Food plays a significant part in a healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately for us, we can now make mealtime exciting for our children. With some extra effort we can leave our little picky eaters smiling and eating healthily. Check out for more ideas on how to do this effortlessly.

Tricks and Tips

Give Creative Fun Names:

Remember naming our stuffed toys or cars when we were kids? Well naming meals is kind of like that, just much more interesting. We can almost name any food we want just to make it more appealing to our children. Experience says the funnier the names the better. For instance, imagine calling peas “frog eggs”. It is even better when you combine them with your child’s name. How about Tim’s trimmed sausages or Ben’s burgers. There are plenty of ways to do it. You could try naming food with favorite superheroes or cartoon characters.  

Shape the Food:

How do you like your sandwiches? In triangles or squares? Well if you think about it, shapes do give your food a great appeal. If it can affect our choice of food then imagine the difference it makes for our children.

It’s likely that your child is getting to learn about new interesting shapes at school like stars, pyramids, and more. There’s nothing like a smiling slice of bread to brighten up your child’s day. In fact, you can be really creative about it. Shape food into a cat or rabbit or maybe turn good old veggies into a love heart. To save you time and effort, you can use simple tools such as a cookie-cutter. It is even better if you make shapes according to your child’s taste if they are of age. The more you engage them the better.

Color the Food:

Your kid is probably getting familiar with colors at school. So you might as well take decorating to another level by coloring the greens in the food with much more bright colors. Let’s face it, nutritious foods can be dull to look at, especially for a child. How about adding food colors to cauliflowers or making red potatoes! You can also plate up fruits and vegetables of different colors to stimulate their appetite. Make a good bowl of salad to fulfill their nutritional needs. Food that looks attractive makes your child more interested in it. Be a little creative and do your thing to make food as colorful as a rainbow!   

Create Exciting Platters:

It’s really important how you serve food to your child. You should put a little thought and try out interesting ways to serve food such as shaped containers, trays, tins, and much more. It is better than serving it on a plain old plate. There are many variations to choose from. You cannot avoid using fun toy dishes which have grown popular among parents.  

Try Artistic Plating:

Plating plays a significant role in making the food more appealing. Serving neat piles of food on a plate just isn’t enough to convince your child to finish his food. Children are rather into chaos if you’ve noticed, and they are the cause more often than not. So a disarrayed plate of food might be more tempting than a classic tidy plate. You can make designs or just throw the things all over the plate. Create a little playroom for your child just within a plate!

Use Letters and Numbers:

Food can definitely send messages to people. Well, you can try spelling your child’s name with it. Use food ingredients to customize your child’s meal. Try writing “BEN” with pieces of carrots or using fruits and vegetables to create a little whiteboard experience containing math equations. Maybe take some blueberries or oranges and form a little learning equation. Write a “Thank you” with their favorite sauce to go with. These crazy yet interesting methods will transform a traditional struggle of feeding your child experience into a fun mealtime.

Food that Speaks to Them:

It is important to prepare food that speaks to your kid. You need to understand their psychology to make mealtime a rather fun time. Do not force them to eat, but rather make the food peak their interest!

Engaging children with food is quite an art. Think about it! What if the toppings on the top of a spaghetti call your kid to the dining table? If your son likes playing sports, you could place several tiny marble meatballs on the pasta or one giant tennis ball on top. It can make it an indulging experience for your kid. You can also try different things. You could cut out apple strips instead of slices or make it into an animal they’ve never heard of before.?

Encourage Active Involvement:

Children love to be involved in several activities – especially when you give them the room to make their own placements and designs. What if you actively involve your child to make their own centerpiece for the table? You can get them all excited about it on special occasions or festivals. Perhaps putting a designed napkin painted by their sloppy hands can make them more enthusiastic about mealtime! Try out simple yet fun things with your child to get them all excited.

Use Fun Dips:

We all know that our little fussy eaters enjoy making a mess! So what can be messier than picking food with your hands and then dipping it in different dips? Trust me, dunking food, making a mess, and putting it in your mouth is thrilling for most kids.

Think of any sauce to go with their favorite food and serve it separately. Put your chicken on a plate and marinara sauce separately in a bowl and see your kid go! Try dressing the good old veggies with interesting dressing. Pour cheese on top of fresh fruits. Fun dipping is the way to go!

Keep Up with the Trend:

When it comes to kids, you always have to keep up with the trend. Kids can very easily get bored of something. One day it could be Tom and Jerry and the next day it may be Ben10. Therefore, to keep them interested, make sure that you buy a dinner set and decorate from time to time. You can decorate with a picture of their favourite TV or movie characters.

In case you are not sure who their favorite characters are, we have another solution for you. We recommend that you take them to the store with you. Let them make their own choice and pick the plates they like. They may not match with your sets but it will definitely make your kids really happy and excited seeing their selection of dinnerware.

Have Theme Days:

Try different themes according to what your child has been learning in school. If it is story-time, go for a story concept with your food. If they have been learning about different animals, try an animal theme; maybe just create an animal farm on the plate. It is very important to keep their interests peaked. The moment you go for a plain mealtime, your child loses his or her appetite! Prevent it by having some fun themes. At the same time, with new themes every now and then, your child will eagerly look forward to every meal with excitement.


We all know that feeding kids can be really challenging and exhausting for many parents but eating habits determine a lot for your child more than you realize. “You are what you eat” is true so it is up to parents to ensure kids are eating well! Do you want them all green and healthy or junky and unhealthy?

Food should be something you eat and enjoy; it’s definitely not something to enforce on our kids! So, putting in a little effort to make mealtime an enjoyable time for your child is a great success as a parent. This shows your children that you care about their food choices and stimulates their growth because you’ve made food fun and delicious for them! We hope our tips go a long way in easing that struggle for you and your beloved kids.

 So, “Meal Away”!

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