Making Their First Birthday One To Remember With These Sentimental Ideas

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Time flies when you are having fun. It certainly does fly when you have a new addition to your family. The first year with your newborn is magical, filled with laughter, tears, and memories created that will be cherished for a lifetime.

As their first birthday rapidly approaches, deciding how to celebrate can cause panic among parents, especially first-time parents. Finding the perfect present for a one-year-old can be a task in itself. With the help of gift ideas for one-year-olds, you will likely find the right option for your little one. However, some might organize a party to mark the special occasion.

Are you looking for ways to create a memorable first birthday for your little one? If so, here are a few sentimental ideas to incorporate that could help you to make their first birthday one to remember.

Plan A Party With Loved Ones

What better way to celebrate a first birthday than with a party? As it is a first birthday party, you do not have to worry about planning an elaborate occasion where you need a venue and catering. Instead, having loved ones come to your home to see the birthday child will be perfect. Add a few decorations themed around the things they love. If there are other young children, you can organize games and activities to keep them entertained and occupied.

You can also invite people in waves, which helps to create a steady flow of people entering and leaving your home. This is ideal if you do not have the space or want to avoid overcrowding and creating an overwhelming atmosphere. Spend time thinking about what your ideal situation would be and plan accordingly.

Look For Alternative Ways To Celebrate

If you would rather not have a party, you can find alternative ways to celebrate. It could be planning a day visiting loved ones, so they all have a chance to see your little one on their first birthday. You might choose to go out for the day and invite friends they have made in playgroups they attend and nursey.

For instance, if your child is interested in animals, you may visit a zoo or petting farm to see different animals. You can organize it so only immediate family can join, or you could extend the invitation to one or two of your child’s friends and parents. Planning trips out can help you create lasting memories you will all cherish.

Ask Loved Ones To Get Involved

Deciding on how to celebrate your child’s first birthday and ensure that it is one to remember is a challenge. However, it is a task you do not have to tackle alone. If you have a strong network of support, whether it be a partner, family, or close friends, ask them if they would be happy to get involved in ensuring that your child’s first birthday is one to remember.

Unsurprisingly, they will likely be more than happy to get involved, offering ideas and ways they can help with planning. Utilize this support as it will help you enjoy planning how to celebrate your child’s first birthday rather than be stressed about it all.

Thank Friends and Family

After all the celebrations are over, spend time making a list of all the people that came to any birthday parties and who kindly gifted your little one on their special day. Party bags and favors for other children are a common way to thank people for coming, but writing and sending cards can be sentimental.

If unsure where to start, use a thank you card template from Greenvelope. With your chosen thank you card template, you can design the perfect card to send to friends and family to thank them for helping to make a memorable day. Any spare thank you cards could be added to your memory box filled with all the bits and trinkets of your little one.

Take Plenty Of Photos (And Videos)

Understandably, when celebrating your child’s first birthday, you want to be present in the moment – soaking up the atmosphere and being surrounded by people who love your child as much as you do. Throughout your chosen celebrations, there will be moments that you want to replay for years to come. What’s one of the best ways to do this? Taking plenty of photographs and videos.

Of course, as mentioned, you want to be present. As such, consider asking a friend if they would take as many photos as possible throughout the day and video any special moments they think you would want to replay to relive in the future. This allows you to remain present, as you know someone will be capturing all of these special moments throughout the day.

Consider Choice Of Presents

One thing you will likely be asked in the weeks leading up to your little one’s first birthday is ideas for presents. Family and friends will want to know early so they can place their orders or start searching to help ensure that they have a present they can gift to your little one. You will also likely ask yourself what you can gift your little one for their first birthday. Their first birthday is a milestone moment, so understandably, you want to gift them something sentimental that will be cherished when they get older.

For some, a cuddly toy they will hold onto as they get older is a common gift. Others might choose a keepsake item that commemorates the special birthday. Not all want to gift a toy, so finding an alternative present is desired by many. One popular trend is asking friends and family to gift their favorite book from their childhood. Inside the book’s cover, you can ask that they write a little note wishing your child a happy birthday and why they loved their chosen book growing up. It is a simple gesture with great thought and meaning put into each book.

Be Present In The Moment

Of course, your little one is too young to remember their first birthday. Their first birthday and any celebrations organized are more about bringing all of your family and friends together to wish your little one a happy birthday. Whatever you plan, it will certainly be a memorable day.

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