MARION | Elevating Mama’s Style while Preserving Comfortability and Sustainability

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Working mothers make up more than a third of the workforce in the United States, and globally, more than 70% of mothers with children under 18 years old participate in the workplace. As career paths expand and are no longer a “this or that” situation for women wanting to start a family, companies should provide them with daily products that benefit them. A limited number of companies and products successfully merge the functionality mothers need with the professional and modern aesthetic they seek.

MARION is a pregnant, nursing, and mama-to-be work wear and essentials brand. Designs are classic and elevated, using sustainable premium fabrics and concealed breastfeeding access. As women have shifted towards a bi-dimensional path combining career and parenting, the need for a versatile and stylish option has grown too. Women seek to feel confident, empowered, and in control of the different areas of their lives.

MARION maternity exists for women who could not find something to wear to work when they became pregnant. Women who searched the web for high-quality maternity clothes that are professional and stylish discovered a slew of casual pregnant outfits made of cheap, see-through material.

Functional but Aesthetic

The lack of mothers’ functional, versatile, and stylish options is astonishing. The fashion industry has neglected this consumer for decades and has tried to create choices for women without incorporating the best of both worlds.

When we think about maternity clothes, what commonly comes to mind is an oversized, shapeless dress that does nothing for a woman’s confidence. To overcome this void, Marion has carefully curated designs that offer functionality for women while also providing them with beautiful designs that make them feel their best.

Almost all of Marion’s designs include revolutionary, invisible nursing access, allowing breastfeeding or pumping women to feel both empowered and stylish after giving birth. Marion’s range of sizes allows women of all body shapes to find an option that properly suits and flatters them. Additionally, Marion offers modern and high-quality pieces that can be worn beyond the pregnancy stage.


Sustainable and high-quality

Over the years, maternity clothes evolved into a wardrobe option tossed in the back of the closet or donated after childbirth. Marion designs clothing of the highest quality and appropriate for women after pregnancy. Marion breaks the cycle of waste. Marion guarantees longevity for its entire product line through eco-friendly Italian materials and thoughtful designs. Since they are simple to integrate into after-labour life, they last longer in a closet, which decreases waste.  Joy O’Renick, Marion’s founder, boss, and mother, encourages women to dress and feel good at every stage of motherhood. Marion is a brand by and for women to empower them at every stage of motherhood and career life. It offers a modern take on classic looks that elevates what maternity clothing looks and feels like. This clothing brand has created a much-needed solution for women taking over the world and their world at home.

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