Matching Parent-Kid Outfits The Right Way

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There is just something adorable in seeing parents match their child’s outfit. Whether it’s matching t-shirts or socks, it is always such a cute moment to see. Over the years it has become more popular and more clothing stores provide clothing combos for parents and their children.

We all know that there’s a limited window of opportunity to get your kids to wear what you want them to, so why not make the most of it. Before long, they will start choosing what to wear on their own like a Batman t-shirt which they may wear for a whole month until it becomes boring.

So, while you still have the power to choose and match their outfit and style your mini-me, think of the wide opportunities this modern era of fashion offers. It doesn’t always have to be a perfectly matched design or print of a t-shirt, you can match different colors and accessories. We will try to help by giving you ideas on how to match outfits the right way.

Why matching clothes?

Simply, because it’s adorable! It is just cool seeing a mini version of you. Some people might question the idea of mixing and matching their outfits with their kids’ outfits, but nowadays people love it. The thing with clothes is that they don’t have to be completely the same as parents use for their twins. Usually, some people involve gender when choosing outfits, but this doesn’t have to be the case. For example, instead of a mommy complementing her daughter’s clothes why not complement her son’s choice of outfit? How sweet it would look if daddy’s clothes matched his little girl’s dress!

If you want your outfits to stand out in a cool way choose some fun kids socks, and match them with the same color t-shirt, jeans, or a dress. Kids love socks because they are fun and keep their feet warm and nice all the time. Some kids even like to sleep with their socks on. Imagine how cute it would be if your kid had the same print on their socks as you have on your favorite t-shirt!

Different style ideas

Shopping for your little ones can be such a hassle sometimes. Once they are a bit older they begin to develop their unique sense of style and they can be very picky with the clothes they want to wear. If you are having trouble picking out the perfect outfit for them and even combining it with yours, here are some easy tips to mix and match with your kid’s fashion style.

Simple apparel

One would say that the simplest apparel that you can mix with almost anything are the classic t-shirt and jeans. These types of clothes are the easiest to mix because they’re simple and can match different colors, prints, or designs. You can go for the classic t-shirt, but with a twist. For example, if you’re the type of person who likes to express what they feel and believe in to the entire world, the beautiful colors and prints of the Christian apparel at Corinthians Corner will perfectly match your kid’s choice of clothing. Whether it’s the same t-shirt or simple socks that match the same colors, it will look super cute and adorable.

Imagine a lovely Sunday afternoon for a picnic or a restaurant for lunch, and you and your child wearing the same outfit. People will definitely notice you because no one can resist such cuteness. This is the simplest way to connect with your child. Instead of trying out different things that do not always work out, get creative and coordinate your outfit matching your child’s unique fashion sense.

Get creative with colors

When it comes to matching you might want to try solid neutral colors like beige, gray, or taupe. Mix them with denim bottoms and you have the perfect outfit for a day with your little one. The beauty of denim bottoms is that you can combine them with anything like various shirts and tops with interesting patterns and styles. You can choose bottoms with neutral colors, and then let your child express their style by selecting a fun t-shirt. 

But, don’t limit their options to neutrals only and give them a chance to experiment with different colors, bright or dark. Try giving them a chance to explore their sense of style by letting them style you. Their approach to clothes might be the start of getting to know their artistic side. Always encourage your kids to express themselves whether it’s through clothes or various hobbies.

Stock up on essentials

Stocking up on various essentials is a very important tip for matching your kid’s fashion style. If you want a simple piece of apparel to match with your child there are plenty of accessories you can choose from. From the classic headband to a funky bucket hat which has become popular again, you can mix up some interesting fashion styles.

If you have a cute baby girl, you can go with a pair of leggings that will match with almost anything. And if your kid is a boy, then try out some comfortable joggers which can be mixed with any kind of top. The options are endless since there are plenty of exciting new fashion trends developed every day. Just remember to blend them stylishly instead of making them stand out too much.

Going for the all-matched-up style

One of the ways to stand out is to go full-on fashion style together with your kids, like models do with theirs, dressing them up in designer clothes and posing for magazine covers. But, some parents want to deliver the full-on matchy-matchy with their kids, from celebrities to people who have always wanted to have a mini-me, and style them as they did with their dolls.

Knowing how to coordinate clothes the right way might help you look more cool and chic because matching too much is not always a good thing. Dress or a coat, designs with simple colors instead of too many colorful prints, can be just the thing you were looking for when you first thought of twinning with your little one.

Is twinning with dad a thing?

Most often we see moms twinning with their kids, but there are plenty of dads out there who love to pair clothes with their kids, matching t-shirts or pajamas. Some of the most popular are simple t-shirts with prints on them, or cool quotes such as “the original” for the dad, and “the remix” for the child.

Some choose to go with a more fashionable choice in matching such as same color blazer, or same brand shoes and socks. Depending on their taste they can try and mix up almost anything. Nowadays, you often see families wearing the same style of onesie which is becoming more and more popular. In summer, for example, you can choose the same swim trunks like the famous singer John Legend did with his son Miles. The options are endless and you just have to get creative.

Final thoughts

The next time you plan to have a family outing think of the many possibilities of choosing twinning outfits with your little ones. Modern and chic, or cute and fun, whatever you choose, plan it right. You want to leave a good impression and maybe give ideas to some parents who are still deciding whether to try out this popular trend. Going full-on matched-up or mixing some subtle pieces of clothing, don’t forget to take pictures to commemorate this adorable moment! 

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