Men’s Fashion: 9 Ways To Look Like A Snacc In A T-Shirt

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Annoying, isn’t it? You want to dress like a snacc, but most style advice for men revolves around suiting up or just putting on whatever’s popular in the current season. Yet, that is not what you need. All you want is to look good with minimum effort. Right?

Well, prepare yo’ ass for what we’re about to say next: you can drop jaws, turn heads and even get a “can I get your number?” from someone just by wearing a friggin’ T-shirt – and a pair of jeans, of course!

Underdressed and untidy are probably just a few terms people use to describe what it means to wear a T-shirt and jeans. Not just that, but a handful of entry-level fashion advice rejects the classic combo. Okay, sure, this advice has meaning, but it is missing the point. 

Yes, many men who rely on jeans and T-shirts ARE poorly dressed, but it is not because of the outfit they are wearing, but because of how they are wearing it. The truth is, a humble T-shirt can go a long way; it is comfortable to wear but the hardest to pull off as a fashion statement. However, by paying particular attention to details like the fit, color, and material, you can make this understated outfit not a cop-out but both intentional and stylish. Allow us to demonstrate all the mouthwatering ways you can wear a T-shirt with whatever jeans, for better or for worse. 

  1. White T-Shirt + Trainers + Hoodie 

A solid pair of trainers, a tee, and a hoodie are perfect for when you want to roam in the streets with an “IDGAF” vibe. For this look, you might want to keep things tonal and simple by wearing a dark-colored hoodie over a white tee with socks and jeans/trousers that complement each other. If you want something a bit more upbeat than the basic white tee, you can buy shirts to match Jordans or any other trainers for a casual look. You could also go for a logo or pattern hoodie showing allegiance to your chosen sports team or brand. Or, you can opt for a more pared-back look that’s ideal for when you are hitting the gym or simply lounging around.

  1. With a blazer 

With a T-shirt (of any color) and a matching or contrasting blazer, you can channel your inner sailor. The clean and crisp finish of your entire look will brighten up any room you walk into. You can wear this outfit with white sneakers or boat shoes and blue denim or shorts for a more casual look. It’s perfect to look dapper when attending semi-formal meetings and first-dates.

  1. With a vest

Wear a white T-shirt and a vest to channel your inner rock star. Whether you go with a denim vest, something colorful, or something murky, you will look sexy. This complete look requires little effort, but the results are fantastic. Pay close attention to the vest’s material. Go for a white T-shirt with some layers on top. This look isn’t just stylish, but it is also appropriate for colder days and climates. However, not all of these looks are intended for casual days; some men’s summer suits can also be worn with a white tee. So, choose your tee look.

  1. With a denim jacket

This stylish piece of men’s clothing is ideal for everyone. The denim jacket is eternal and classic. Wear a printed white t-shirt, a denim jacket, jogging bottoms, and loafers for a laid-back look. Also, you can wear navy chinos with a plain white T-shirt to look more put-together. Since winter is just around the corner, this is one of the best ways to turn up the heat where ever you go. Talk about looking like a freshly-baked snacc on a cold winter evening!

  1. Rock em’ with white jeans

Yes, summer necessitates all-white ensembles. With white jeans and a white T-shirt, you can put together a stylish outfit. This combo is the most uncomplicated fashion outfit to put together, and it looks good on people of all ages. Combine the look with loafers or any other summer accessory. No matter how you choose to wear this, you’ll be the coolest guy in the room.

  1. With black trousers & a bomber jacket 

We’d suggest going all black for an oh-so-fine look! The bomber jacket went from a fad to menswear essential this season. Nothing goes better with it than another military veteran, the white T-shirt. A black midsize bomber jacket can contour your silhouette. Finish with a pair of black trousers to achieve a smart-casual harmony, with the monochromatic colors tying your outfit together. This look will draw attention to your tee. Moreover, it’ll draw attention to you too.

  1. There’s nothing GIRLY about wearing a cardigan with a tee

The cardigan is a surprisingly versatile piece of clothing. It’s usually one layer in a multi-layered look. Still, you can also hurl it over a T-shirt and look like top-tier boy material. Moreover, this outfit works best with thinner cardigans, but some thicker ones will work as well. So choose what makes you look good.

  1. Long-sleeve tee with shorts

Shorts are the most popular way to look cool, fashionable, and comfortable – but so are T-shirts. Wearing them to work is inappropriate, but they make excellent companions on weekend hangouts and leisure trips. You can experiment with this look as well. For instance, if you are going sightseeing, pair white shorts with a colorful, printed tee. Finish with sneakers or trainers, which are more comfortable for you. On the other hand, if you need a country-meets-city look, pair your long-sleeved t-shirt with a hat, a nice pair of shorts, and sneakers with socks. 

  1. Tee + suit in white 

A T-shirt can also become your at-desk appearance. How? Well, it is simple. Pair a soft, high-quality cotton tee with a sharp, dark suit. Wool is the perfect choice for this look as it offers texture and bold yet straightforward colors contrast nicely with the white torso. Moreover, the fit is essential; just like it is with the shirt, it is covering. Your tee should be fitted enough so that it doesn’t droop over your waistband. Yes, it would be best if you tucked it in. No, you cannot wear scuffed converse. You can, however, wear a pair of smart white trainers.

Conclusion: the T-shirt is the new black! 

You just got a few of the nine best style tips that should help you look good in a T-shirt. Plenty more where that came from, but the ones listed above should be enough to get you started. So go on and start paying attention to things like style, color, feel, and fit to elevate the humble tee and jeans look into something classic and versatile. And before you know it, you’ll become a T-shirt icon, and everyone will worship your style. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and be bold because no fun comes from following the rules.

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