Metered Vs Stamped Mail: Which Is Better For Your Business?

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The mailing and shipping industry has undergone few changes since its establishment. Many of the pillar aspects remain the same; there is still a sender, recipient, a container to hold the item – such as an envelope – and finally, a form of postage. Regardless of the nature of your mailing or shipping company, no package leaves without either receiving a stamp a meter mark, which is two of the most popular forms of postage. 

For a long time, deciding which is better between the two has been a matter of controversy and the truth is, each type offers its own and separate benefits and drawbacks. On the surface, it seems that metered mail is better, however, deciding which is better for your business requires a deeper analysis.

That said, here is what you need to know about both forms of mail. 

What Is a Stamped Mail?

Stamped mail is typically a pre-purchased form of postage, and it is available as sheets, booklets, and coils. Essentially, there are two types of common mail to choose from; First Class and Priority Mail. Depending on the type and weight of the package, you can stick either stamp on the parcel. The item can be returned, on the condition that the relative postage is not placed. Stamped mail looks to avoid this issue by carefully weighing the package, estimating the possible surcharges, and ensuring that there are sufficient postages. Stamps never expire, which is what makes them exceptionally economical and convenient, especially for regular use. 

Benefits of Stamped Mail 

When it comes to stamped mail, simplicity is not at all lost on this method. You can easily pick up the stamps you need from your local vendor or even order them online. Additionally, by turning to this method, you will not have to use or learn how to use a postage meter. Instead, you can opt for estimating the weight of the mail, attach the appropriate amount of stamps, and end the item. This makes stamps especially convenient for everyday use — quick and easy method.

What Is a Metered Mail?

Services that apply metered mail will typically have to obtain a postage meter first, which then prints, either on a tape or directly on the letter, the stamp equivalent. However, before any of this can be done, your business will need to get a permit. Most of the fees concerning this method go to the meter itself and for mail presorting. Metered mail eliminates the need to visit a postal office during the process, preserving the visit only for when you are sending presorted mail or if you need services that require in-person support. The best use for metered mail is found to be with mailing classes, as opposed to stamps. Prices for metered mail will depend on the postage class, size, and weight of the item being mailed, just as with any form of mail. As of 2020, First Class metered mail is found to be cheaper by 5 cents compared to First Class stamped mail, standing only at 50 cents for 1 ounce. 

Benefits of Metered Mail

For businesses with a lot of mail traffic, metered mail may seem to be the most favorable method. By applying a meter mark, as opposed to a stamp, businesses can save a lot of time and effort, and can even save a few bucks along the way. In essence, metered mail offers incredible benefits over stamps, and you can always learn more information about the new generation of franking machines with just a few clicks. Besides saving time and money, meters exclusively offer two benefits; reliability and convenience. For the most part, these two benefits exist due to the accuracy ensured by the mailing technology offered by a postage meter. They make sure you are paid the exact postage needed, which may also enable you to easily monitor your business’ postage spending. 

The verdict may seem quite simple and straightforward, but that may not necessarily be the case. Although, for the most part, metered mail offers more benefits, and can be better suited for your business, you will still have to consider the additional fees that come with the ongoing lease or rental of a postage meter. At the same time, stamps can cost more in the long run, but they also offer great convenience. 

Simply put, stamps are best for everyday use since they are quick and easy to use. On the other hand, metered mail can save you time and money, allowing you to increase efficiency while still being reliable. At the end of the day, it will depend on your business needs and the amount of mail you manage. If you are experiencing frequent mail traffic, then it might be best to invest in a postage meter and streamline the whole process.

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