‘Mom, let me play!’ – The Importance Of The Playground In Child Development

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Being a parent is a lot of work. You are responsible for the child’s safety, well-being and development every single day and there is no day off. Some parents don’t want to give their kids a lot of freedom because they are afraid that something might go wrong. How often your kids asked to go to the playground, and you didn’t let them because ‘it was too dangerous’, and you didn’t have time to go with them.

Basically, kids learn about the world on the playground. For them, it is a way to make friends and improve their social skills. Parents only see how their kids get into the fights over toys and place on the swing. Meanwhile, children learn how to communicate with each other and get what they want. According to the latest study, games with other kids can teach your child how to regulate negative as well as positive emotions which is essential for the development of emotional health.

A playground is also the place where your kid can learn how to speak. Interaction with their peers is very important to them, so they are highly motivated to talk and learn new words and terms. Needless to say, the playground provides opportunities to stimulate physical development. It is not a thoughtless running or climbing, but it is a natural form of physical exercise that promotes coordination and helps strengthen muscles.

Hopefully, later when your kids tell you ‘Mom, let us play!’, you will make them happy by saying ‘yes.’

Also, you can teach your kids different playground games such as Red Rover, Jump Rope Rhymes or Simon Says. It will help them interact more naturally and play without using electronic devices.

Check out the list of fun playground games, according to PDPlay:

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  1. Nice Article

  2. Play is so important!

    I completely and whole heatedly agree!

    You make some good points about the social benefits of play.

    Play is also an amazing opportunity for practise! Children are learning so much that we can’t teach them and play gives them the time to practise these skills independently, which in turn will improve their self confidence when they realize ‘ I just did that on my own’.

    Lovely article, thanks!

    Let them play!


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