Mom’s Guide to Fixing Their Plumbing Issues

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Out of all the things that need to be prioritized in household management, there are instances that arise which require more immediate attention. Every so often, moms face the challenge of fixing certain damages in their households, such as electrical or plumbing issues. It is in these instances wherein the guide below will come in handy.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets are so common that it is experienced by most households. However, if dripping faucets are not immediately taken care about, it may cost you a hefty amount on your next water bill. More often than not, the cause of the drip has been an internal washer that has been worn over time. In this case, a do-it-yourself repair is possible with the help of the correct tools.

Slow Draining Sink

There is a great possibility that you have a slow draining sink because of a blockage in the pipes underneath it. Oftentimes, the blockage is caused by food remnants or solidified oils. While there are several ways on how you can get the pipes cleared from the blockage, such as using a plunger or pouring down baking soda and vinegar solution, it is best to get in contact with a professional plumber. This is to ensure that the blockage is effectively cleared because pouring a chemical solution down your drain may cause more damage to your pipes over time. SG1 Plumber and other plumbing services often employ licensed plumbers that implement reliable repair methods. They even guarantee to follow up services if necessary if the problem still persists.

Mom’s Guide to Fixing Their Plumbing Issues

A clogged toilet is when your toilet bowl fills up upon flushing instead of draining away. The cause of the clog may be due to a mix of tissue paper and human feces. More often than not, a clogged toilet can be fixed with a plunger, but in certain instances that the blockage cannot be cleared with a plunger, you can try to use a sewer snake or drain auger. Still, if all else fails, be sure to have the contact number of your reliable plumber handy.

Faulty Water Heater

What can be more frustrating than having to shower with cold water in a winter morning because of a faulty water heater? More often than not, it can be challenging to identify the root cause of this issue because there are several causes that lead to a faulty water heater. It may be caused by sediment build-up or even a damaged thermostat. In any case, you would need professional services to inspect and repair your water heater. This is because its repair may prove to be too complex for an average household unless it is merely replacing the pilot light to have it relit.

Moms need to take care of plumbing issues from time to time too. While taking care of children may come in more naturally, repairing leaking pipes and faucets may be learned. With all the resources and help available, this may not really be a challenging feat after all.

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