Mom’s Guide to Keeping a Clean Car

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Everyone who drives a car knows how easy it is to accumulate clutter inside, especially if you drive around the kids. With all the running around from home, to school, to work, it’s easy to forget throwing that piece of trash or that little toy lying in the corner. After all, you can always go back for it later. By the time you notice, everything will have accumulated in one big mess.

Don’t wait until you need professional intervention to clean your car. Professional cleaning can cost you at least $120, more if your car needs more work to clean. Save money and follow this guide to keeping your car clean.

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Maintain Your Car Regularly

It’s good practice to clean your car every after use or at least every week, but don’t stop at that. Part of a car owner’s responsibility is making sure that their car is maintained regularly. That means cleaning your car frequently, checking all the necessary components, and replacing what needs to be replaced.

Regular car maintenance includes changing engine oil, together with the oil filter, every 5,000 to 10,000 miles or according to the manufacturer manual’s specifications. You also have to replace your windshield wipers and car air filter whenever necessary.

Loose tires can be cause fatal. You have to ensure that your tires have enough pressure and are properly screwed in to avoid accidents. Cleaning your car isn’t enough. Basic maintenance is also necessary for smoother driving experience and for extending your vehicle’s lifespan.

Use Car Seat Organizers

Organization is key to a clutter-free car. As such, make sure to equip your vehicle with car seat organizers to properly store everything you need—food, toiletries, toys, and accessories. These organizers come in many styles and sizes.

Some car seat organizers come with insulation so you can store warm food and not worry about eating it cold. Others also have transparent pockets where you can slide in a tablet and distract the kids with a show throughout the ride.

Don’t leave your glove compartment cluttered. Organize the things inside using a glove compartment organizer or dividers. Now you don’t have to rummage under a pile of stuff to find what you need.

Prepare Storage for Trash

Trash cans and trash bags are a must-have for every vehicle. Most people can’t avoid eating inside the car, so you definitely a temporary receptacle for your trash. At least with a trash can inside, you can stop tossing wrappers, papers, and garbage in random places and forget about them later.

Keeping a trash container in your car makes it easier for you clean up. Plus, there’s less chance to attract ants and pests when you don’t leave food wrappers lying around.

Cover Car Seat Gap

Use a stopper or an organizer to cover the gap between in the middle of the front seats. The stopper has two purposes. One, it keeps your phone, keys, loose change, and food crumbs from getting into the gap, which is usually a hassle to reach. Two, stoppers can come with compartments perfect for storing your phone and loose change.

The gap between the car seats are inaccessible, so it can be hard to clean. But if you’re unwilling to spend extra for a filler, it’s very easy to make your own with foam used for plumbing pipe insulation. It won’t cost you more than a dollar.

Protect Car Floor from Mess

The floor is one of the messiest areas inside a car. It’s where you step on with shoes that you used for walking the dusty, dirt-covered concrete outside. It’s also where the food crumbs go when you eat inside your car. And on rainy days, you step on the car floor with your muddy shoes.

You can’t afford to get the car floor messy since it can be pretty difficult (and expensive) to get stubborn stains removed. What you can do is to use floor mats to shield the floor from gunk and grime. Fortunately, you don’t have to really on your car manufacturer to find backups and replacements in case you have to throw your current floor mats in the laundry. If you specifically need floor mats for Toyota Tundra, they are available in different styles and colors.

Car floor mats nowadays come in different materials, which make it easier for car owners to clean. There are the usual fabric and rubber mats, but now you can also get vinyl mats, which are very durable, and nomad mats, which prevent messes better.

Get Your Detailed

Twice or thrice a year, you have to spend some money to get your car detailed. If you often drive your car, especially on long travels, frequent cleaning won’t be enough to restore its former condition. Exposing your car to the elements will strip off the layer of wax or cover that makes it shine and protects it from scratches. Soon, it will look old and shabby even if you wash it everyday.

When that happens, it’s usually time to take your car for detailing. Car detailing entails deep cleaning the interior and the exterior of your vehicle, as well as having the wax, sealant, or coating reapplied and buffed to bring back the car’s luster. Professionals also use specialized products and tools to remove small decontaminates that cause dullness and minor scratches on the car’s paint.

They also clean your headlights, taillights, exterior trim, engine, tires, chassis, and other parts you can’t touch without professional training and tools. It’s not just the exterior too. The interior also gets detailing, so every inch inside gets thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Final Word

The most important part of keeping a car clean is to never let the mess accumulate. Once it becomes too much, it can be extremely daunting to clean it up. Create a regular routine for keeping your car clean. Throw the trash inside at the end of the day, and wash the car every weekend. Put back all the stuff in their proper place, and never randomly toss anything on the floor.

A clean appearance isn’t everything. Remember to keep up with your regular maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly. When the time comes, take your car to get detailed to remove the things you can’t clean with your regular products and tools.

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