Monitor, Manage And Track Your Family In A Single Touch

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Family Orbit is comprehensive parental control app to prevent your family. Nowadays crime rate is increasing in high range. These crimes are mostly against children and women. To overcome these circumstances, a parental control app Family orbit is designed to monitor and control your family. This advancement in technology makes the parents feel free and aware of what their children may be doing with their phones.It is essential to monitor your kid’s mobile phone activities; else it will put you and your child into trouble.

Uses of Family orbit

The moment when you signup and add your child and the family members in the parental control app, you can track and monitor them with a single touch. Whenever you are in need of their location, you can simply click on the app and know their location through GPS tracker. Not only the location of the contacts to phone calls, data usage to internet history everything you can access from your child’s phone without touching it.

Track your family with Family Orbit

When you add your family members to the phone tracking app, then everything comes under your own control. Even if you are out of city, state or country you can secure your family with this app. The family orbits GPS tracker helps you to know where your child is at present, taking their privacy – while knowing they are safe. If they lose their mobile phones or laptops, don’t waste time in searching every corner. Just log on to the Phone tracking app and find its current position. This features work when the phone is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or cellular connection.Even they are being met with an accident or a critical health situation the family GPS tracker provides you with the information on their exact location.

Family Orbit with iPhones

iPhones, a highest featured smartphone gadgets in today’s market. Family Orbit is more compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can monitor text messages, calls and photos on your child’s iPhone with the iPhone monitoring software’s.  You can even track the incoming and outgoing calls and the duration of every call. Track sent and received SMS and iMessages with this iPhone monitoring software. You can track the whole conversation that your child is in. You also can view the messages sent and received using the popular messenger. View the URLs and websites that they have visited and download that they do while using internet browsers.

How to stop screen addiction of your kids?

If your kids are unstoppable and need a break, just limit their screen time on their iPad, and iPhone or smartphones using Limited screen time app. Managing your kid’s relationship with the screen might be challenging. Family orbit not only enables you to track them also it enables you to limit their screen time. From your gadgets, you can remotely block internet and app usage on their device. In a single touch, you can block their phones instantly and get their attention towards you. Childhood Myopia, a huge drawback in the last two decades can be overcome by Limit screen time app. Whenever you want you can stop their usage of smartphones easily. Plan according to their daily schedule and pre-programme their device for their usage with a time limit.

Family orbit a Family locator app

To be connected and secure with your family in any situation family locator app is helpful. All that you need to dois, simply download and access the apps on all the iPhone and Android devices that you and your family use every time. Using the family locator app is much easier than any other app on your smartphones or device that you need to track. Simply log on to the Family locator app and locate your family members.In case you or your family member lost any of the gadgets in a park or a restaurant or anywhere in some public place you can track it if it has family locator app installed on it. You can easily locate the device from one of your family member’s device, and the chances of finding your device back are high.

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