More About The Benefits Associated With Pre-Workout Supplements

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The use of pre-workout supplement has been on the rise in recent years. Regular users of supplements usually involve bodybuilders, different kinds of athletes and gym trainers. In addition to knowing how to use these supplements, it’s important to also have knowledge about how they work. 

Pre-Workout Supplements – Ingredients

The creation of supplements primarily contains caffeine together with beta-alanine that works in conjunction to enhance training sessions. In some of the reputable brands, they add more than 400mg in a three-pill dosage. Other ingredients in pre-workout supplements involve L-arginine, taurine, creatine, betaine, among others. 

  1. Caffeine

The aim of using caffeine in supplements is by enhancing your training sessions through:

  • Boosted metabolism rates for athletes
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Preventing fatigue
  • Stimulating the central nervous system and subsequently improving brain function, which will improve the productivity and efficiency of your workout.

Recommended dosage

Low t0 moderate dosages – about 3 grams per kg of your body weight. For users exceeding 68kg, 200mg of caffeine chew is recommended in a dosage. Also, check out these guidelines for all natural pre workout alternatives for healthy living.

  1. B-Alanine

Beta-alanine is an amino acid which is naturally produced by the liver. Some of the benefits of B-alanine for athletes involve:

  • Promoting nerve signal functioning
  • Postponed onset of neuromuscular fatigue
  • Boosted athletic performance

B-alanine have some disadvantages that includes overstimulation of the nerve cells which is the primary cause of paraesthesia.

Controlling Your Intake

Due to the disadvantage mentioned above, you must control the ingredient intake. The recommended doses are an individual supplement that is in tablet form.

  1. Creatine

Creatine is one of the most regularly used pre-workout supplements among bodybuilders. The supplement is synthesized from amino acids and embodies the following benefits:

  • It promotes advanced growth of muscles that enables energy boosts needed for powerlifting and sprinting.
  • Advanced body strength for longer endurance during training.
  • Enhanced performance with high-intensity training sessions.

Recommended Dosages

The recommended dose by manufacturers is 5 grams for five to seven days. After the seventh day, you can stop using the supplements for seven to fourteen days before commencing the cycle again. To regulate your intake, consider taking individual supplements.

  1. Betaine

Betaine is a natural amino acid and has the following benefits:

Assists with processing fats in your body, therefore maintaining healthy body functioning. 

  • Enhancing muscle size and body composition.
  • Boosted work capacity for users.
  • Better body structure power.

The recommended dosage for Betaine is to use individual supplements to aid in controlling the intake of this ingredient in your body. 


Pre-workout supplements is ideally suited for those that are looking to improve their workout performance. With a combination of the ingredients above, these supplements can assist with strengthening the body structure and promoting your overall health. They can also assist with enhancing blood flow which in turn reduces fatigue during training sessions. Think about taking different supplements from your chemist nearby and see the beneficial influences they have on your body.

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