More About What Is Involved With Vehicle Storage

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When people think of self-storage, they usually imagine a place where furniture, boxes, and other standard household possessions for which they presently have no use, are stored. But what if you need to store a car? Vehicle storage works in a similar fashion than standard storage with multiple choices available for ensuring your car is protected while not in use.

What Is Involved In Vehicle Storage?

Vehicle storage is typically a self-storage unit which is specially designed for housing some type of vehicle. Almost like a parking space or garage that is for hire within the self-storage facility, with the same advantages, like climate control, on-site security, and gated access, contingent on the storage agency and unit that you select.

There are four main kinds of vehicle storage:

  • Open parking spaces
  • Covered parking spaces
  • Shared indoor storage units
  • Personal enclosed storage units

Which Type Of Storage Unit Must You Rent?

Each choice of vehicle storage unit has different pros and cons. If you need to store your vehicle for the time being after Master Movers of Nashville has helped you move to a new location, you must determine which option would suit your requirements best, for instance availability, and the specific amenities you require for you vehicle storage.

Open Parking Spaces

These parking spaces are generally in a large parking lot on the premises of the storage facility and the surface might be dirt, paved, grass, or gravel. This is typically the most affordable option for storing a car, and even though you will not have protection against the weather elements, you still have the benefit of security. You can always put a cover over your car to protect it against pests and the weather.

Covered Parking Spaces

If you wish to have your car protected against things such as snow, rain, wind, and the sun, then covered parking might be for you. Covered spaces are usually housed in a large car port and the space is shared with multiple cars, with an overhead roof and open walls. It does not have the same protection as an enclosed unit, but it is a better option than an open parking space.

Shared Indoor Storage Units

These lots are usually large warehouse-sized units with lots of cars and full protection against outside elements. It is a more cost-effective solution as opposed to renting an enclosed unit. Keep in mind that you might not be able to access the car at any time and will have to schedule at time for retrieval of the vehicle. 

Personal Enclosed Storage Units

The most expensive vehicle storage option is a non-shared enclosed storage unit which is similar to a garage that you are hiring for your car. You have easy access and numerous self-storage facilities provide extra options like live-streaming facilities to your unit and climate control. 

What If Your Vehicle Is Larger Than A Normal Car?

The majority of self-storage facilities have storage options available for boats, RVs, and other large vehicles, including unenclosed or enclosed units. 

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