More Information On Common Everyday Dental Treatments

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There are various types of dental treatments, but do you know the difference between them? Below we are sharing more information about the conventional dental procedures and what they entail.


Dental braces are devices that are utilized for correcting bite-related issues and correcting the alignment of teeth (including overbite, underbite, etc.).


Severely damaged teeth must be extracted. Permanent teeth might also have to be removed for orthodontic treatment.


Bonding is a treatment used for repairing chipped, decayed, discolored, or fractured teeth or for reducing gaps between teeth. For the procedure, a dentist blends composite resin into a paste and whiten it to match the color of your natural teeth. A few layers of resin are applied to every tooth, after which every layer is hardened under a laser or ultraviolet light. The final steps include shaping and polishing of the resin material to give the finished tooth a smooth and natural appearance.

Caps and crowns

Caps or crowns are covers that are applied over teeth that is damaged due to decay, is badly stained, misshaped, or broken. 

This procedure is usually performed by a dentist and usually necessitates more than a single visit to complete. Check out award-winning dentists – Chrysanth Dental care. Crowns are made from porcelain, acrylic, metal, or porcelain bonded to metal. Porcelain crowns resemble natural teeth and are typically used for front teeth, while the stronger porcelain bonded to metal crowns are used for the back of the mouth. To prepare for a crown, anesthesia is used to freeze the teeth, and then it is filed down for the cap to be fitted over it. An impression of the gums and teeth is made, after which a temporary cap is installed over the tooth until the permanent one is finished. The temporary crown will be taken off, and the permanent one cemented onto the tooth. Don’t hesitate any further and get your crown fitted with the dentist in massapequa NY.


Dentures are prosthetics that replace lost teeth. Patients can opt for partial or full dentures.

Repairs and fillings

Dental repairs and fillings utilize restorative materials to repair compromised teeth as a result of trauma or cavities.

Implants and bridges

These are two methods used for replacing missing teeth. Bridges are prosthetic teeth that are anchored in place by the neighboring teeth. A bridge entails two crowns that are placed on the anchoring teeth with a false tooth in the middle. Dental implants are fake roots used for supporting replacement teeth.

Root canals

Usually for treating abscessed teeth and diseases. Injured teeth are opened, and the infected tissue in the center is cleaned out. The space will then be filled and the opening sealed.


Dental sealants are generally applied to the chewing section of teeth and act as a barricade against decay-causing bacteria. Sealants are usually applied to the molar or premolars in the back.

Teeth whitening

Various teeth whitening options are available for whitening teeth that are darkened or stained due to age, foods, trauma to the teeth, or smoking.


Often used for cosmetic reasons, thin, durable pieces of porcelain gets bonded to the teeth. They are used for repairing decayed, stained, or chipped teeth and for closing gaps between teeth.

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