More On How To Improve Your Online Poker Skills

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People who play online poker, often have a specific goal in mind, to become a successful player to defeat the strongest opponents out there. While bluffing and learning new skills can be helpful, you’ll also need to analyse your gameplay to become a better poker player. 

There Are Three Methods Of How You Can Keep Track Of Your Game And Learn From It:

  • Teaching yourself
  • Keeping records
  • Using statistic applications

How Can You Learn From Your Poker Games?

  1. Keeping Records

The first thing that you need to do, is keeping records of the games you play: the time you play and what day you’ve played, the online sites like you’ve visited, how much money of lost or won, what the stake was, and how many games you’ve played at once. Keeping tabs on this information can give you an indication whether you’ve played better during particular circumstances or not. For instance, if you’ve had better results on the days where you’ve played earlier in the day. You can also keep information about your opponents in your records, trying to decipher if the regulars you usually compete against in specific scenarios, use certain gambling patterns that you should try yourself. You’ve you want to invest more effort into recording your poker games, you can also review the hands that you were played on that day and assess where things went wrong for you. If you notice any bad choices in specific scenarios, you can work on the particular skill and start winning more games more 

  1. Teaching Yourself

Instead of paying someone else a lump sum of money to teach you how to improve your poker game, why not take care of this yourself, at no cost. Start reading poker guides and make a list of the desired skills you’d like to obtain and keep them at hand while playing. Every time that you’re placing a bet, try to emphasize on a particular skill that you’re looking to improve on and see if it helps with winning more hands once you’ve incorporated the changes.

  1. Using Statistical Applications

You can use different apps to help you with keeping track of your sessions without having to do too much. These apps offer plenty information that you’ll find useful, including, net profits, your average duration of playing, and more. The information provided can assist with revealing whether you’re playing too aggressively and subsequently lose money because of it, or it may reveal that you are too cautious a player. Either way, with the aid of these apps, you can better manage your bankroll and place bets that are within your means.


Always remember, while criticizing your poker game might help to enhance your game, don’t be too harsh on yourself once you’ve made a few errors. If you only emphasize on what you’re doing wrong or what you’ve lost, you won’t see the unique opportunity in front of you. You have the opportunity to learn from every game and there’s always opportunity for improvement.

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