Most Expensive Medical Procedures

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There is no denying that healthcare is expensive in the United States. The majority of people that declare bankruptcy do so because of medical bills. There are some procedures that are more expensive than others. You could find yourself in unfamiliar territories. In this post, we’ve listed some of the most expensive medical procedures in the United States.

Heart Transplant

Before the advent of COVID-19, heart disease was the leading cause of death in the United States. A heart transplant procedure is estimated to cost $1,664,800 and there are 3000 procedures that are done every year. It is one of the most complicated medical procedures and is associated with high risks. The wait time is estimated to be 213 days and it can be a tad too challenging to get the right donor. The preparation process is also complex. That is why the procedure is expensive and only a few people can afford it. If it is a corneal transplant, the patient will have to be fully awake for the procedure.

Double Lung Transplant

When patients have exhausted all the therapies, a lung transplant might be the only way to go. A double lung transplant procedure is estimated to cost $1,295,900. The procedure is used as a treatment for diseases such as cystic and emphysema. The average wait time is estimated to be 186 days. A lung transplant isn’t as complex as a heart procedure but there are still risks you’ll have to be wary about. There are a couple of reasons that make the procedure to be expensive. One of the main reasons will be finding the right donor. Just as with searching for plastic surgery Baton Rouge, you’ll want to make sure that the surgeon is experienced and can be trusted with the procedure.

Intestine Transplant

With this procedure, the dead intestine tissues are replaced with live ones from a donor. The condition is usually a result of a tumor in the intestines. Since the disease is usually associated with issues with the liver, there is a high chance that it will be done in conjunction with another procedure. This could add up to $400,000 to the medical bill. This could cost up to $1,500,000 for all the procedures. There are around 40 such procedures that are performed on a yearly basis.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Such a procedure can be performed in two different ways and will cost an upward of $700,000. With an autologous transplant, the stems of the bone marrow will be removed from the body and frozen. They will then be put back after the treatment is complete. This option will cost around $300,000. A more effective but more expensive option will involve getting a donor. Allogeneic transplant takes time because there is a matching of the donor and making all the necessary preparation.

Heart-Lung Transplant

There are circumstances that could necessitate a heart and lung procedure to happen simultaneously. A candidate should be below the age of 55 given the numerous risks that come with the two procedures. The combined procedures are estimated to cost $1,148,400. The dying lungs and heart will have to be removed. During treatment, the patient is connected to a machine that facilitates breathing and the flow of blood.

Kidney Transplant

Kidney failure is a common medical problem yet it remains challenging to treat. That is why a transplant is often seen as the last resort. Most kidney operations are delicate and complicated given the important role the organ plays in the body’s functioning. Patients can expect to pay up to $300,000 for a kidney transplant. There is also the issue of finding a matching donor which can significantly increase the wait time.

Pancreas Transplant

This transplant will be necessary when the patient is diagnosed with renal failure or Type 1 diabetes. It is usually done in conjunction with a kidney transplant and can cost up to $800,000 for the two procedures.

Cornea Transplant

It is possible to fix vision problems stemming from the cornea with a transplant. It is the least expensive procedure on the list but still costly for a lot of people. Patients can expect to pay up to $32,500 for the cornea transplant procedure.


The costs might seem high but you should have in mind a patient that is suffering from a chronic illness. Sometimes surgery might be the only treatment option that is available.  The aftercare treatment also contributes a big portion to the final bill after all other things have been factored in. 

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