Most Unusual Things To Do In Thailand

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Thailand is rated as one of the most visited countries in South East Asia, where getting bored is just not an option. Known for its serene greenery, appetizing and delectable food, ancient architecture and breath taking beaches.

One of the biggest reasons why tourists hoard to Thailand for vacations I the utmost welcoming people who treat you so humbly and friendliness that you feel ecstatic as well as honored. The people are genuine, down to earth and always greet you with a big fat smile on their faces. Thailand is often referred to as “The Land of Smiles”.

When visiting Thailand, it can be highly intimidating to frame an itinerary. As there are so many uncountable attractions, mesmerizing temples, beaches and several other things to do that you fail to pick just a few to tick off from the list.

After a lot of contemplation and deliberation we have come up with a list of most unusual things to do in Thailand you would like to indulge in during your trip. Have a look!


You just cannot miss visiting this iconic and famous attraction situated in the heart of Bangkok. For over 150 years, this palace was home to the royal highness the king of Thailand, hid court and the entire government of Thailand. There is a strict dress code followed in order to enter the palace otherwise you may be restricted from entering it. If you want to avoid the rush hours, morning is the right time to hit the place.


If you have been to Thailand and did not get a Thai massage done, you probably have missed a great opportunity of unwinding and shedding all the tiredness you have acquired while exploring the place. It has a very idiosyncratic and distinctive way of working through the pressure points and stretching the body to soothe it. At every nook and corner you may come across a massage parlor which offer comparatively cheap services as what you may get back home.


An unusual ride which you may not get to enjoy back home is enthralling and fun filled. It is the most common means of transportation in Thailand and it is a must try cheap one timer.


Floating market is one of a kind experience which you may not come across anywhere else in the world. There are boats which carry the buyers up and down the canals and the sellers also are boat bound for selling a variety of vegetables, fruits and snacks to go.


Chiang Mai is a sensational city to visit. It houses lots of temples which possess intricately designed architecture and fabulous scenic views from over the top of the mountains. You can either explore the place on your own or book Online Chingmai tours to explore the city of elephant sanctuary.


Get yourself a souvenir that would last for a life time. The Sak Yant tattoo is a little different from the traditional tattoo, which done by a monk with a metal rod and not the usual tattoo gun. These tattoos are said to posses magical powers, the monk decides what may be the most suitable one for your protection from the dangers you are most likely to encounter.

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