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Alexa Servodidio is a well-recognized therapist from television and social media and her best-selling books. Still, behind the scenes, she is a working mom who tries to find work-life balance like so many moms in 2021.

What new things have you been working on since the start of 2021?

I’m excited for the upcoming launch of my second book, “Your Walk in Life,” which focuses on my way of doing therapy. It is incredibly interactive, enabling the reader to journal and look at case studies. Also, in the last chapter, I include my personal story. For me, it is essential to build that open relationship with my fans and have a “nesting place,” which is a safe place that I discuss in my book.

Speaking of fans, you have been highly successful with your recent Facebook live series. What about the Facebook live experience? Do you think people are responding to me most?

People love that it is a community platform where they can come and be vulnerable, and there is no judgment. They can learn tools, share stories, and I provide a lot of hope and inspiration while interacting with them. We have people from kids to grandparents to couples issues that we tackle. There is something for everyone.

You have so much on your plate right now with your career. How do you find a balance between work time and being a mom?

I make sure to schedule time each day and during the week for a particular time and special activities with my daughter, ranging from watching our favorite shows together to going for a walk and playing with our dog Athena in the backyard.

How do we find “me” time?

I think scheduling is critical. I make sure to schedule time for my workouts and dinner with friends, and movie nights. It’s so important as a mom to make still that time also to maintain your relationships with friends and family. I’m very blessed because my mom watches my daughter when I go out. She encourages friendships. She knows it’s essential for a mom to maintain her own identity.

Your baby is almost 17 months; how has motherhood changed your outlook on womanhood?

I emphasize the importance of finding beauty each day. There’s so much pressure during the day, but you need to know when to stop and smell the roses with your child. That is what fuels you. That innocence and laughter put life into the perspective of what’s essential.

What’s the best piece of working mom advice that you have gotten?

Not to feel guilty when you have to work and know that you are doing the best you can.
So many moms do feel guilty about working. As a therapist, what advice can you give them?
It’s normal to acknowledge these feelings but tell yourself, “I’ll get it done.” Your child is watching, and if you are demanding on yourself, they will learn to be hard on themselves. 
Sometimes when your mind and body are upset, and you get stressed out, it’s upsetting, but the positive is that your body is telling you to “slow down,” take time for yourself and don’t feel bad about it. You have to give yourself flexibility and leniency. You have to learn to speak to yourself kindly. It’s essential to be a caretaker for your child. We aren’t super people. 

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