Moving in the New Normal: Tips for Safe Moving

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Today, the way of life has changed. From wearing masks everywhere to keeping social distance, everyone needs to be alert. However, some things have to continue even with the new normal. For example, when it is time to relocate, you have to move. 

Happily, there are some tips you can follow to remain safe when moving your household items. For instance, hiring NYC commercial movers is a good choice. Since they are professional, they understand the best strategies on how to remain safe when moving.

Nevertheless, you need to play your part as well. Whether it is a DIY move or you have hired professional movers, you need to observe the set rules. 


Below are ten tips for safe moving in the new normal

1. Make sure everyone is wearing a mask

Since moving involves a lot of people, make sure everyone is wearing a mask. So, when packing, loading, and when moving the boxes, it is important to wear a mask.   

It does not matter whether you are working with family members or friends, having a mask can make a big difference. 

2. Step out more often to take a breather

Moving is a tiresome process that needs a lot of energy. Also, it is important to take a rest when someone feels exhausted. The best way to stay safe in the new normal is to take a rest outside. 

Step out more often, take off your mask, and take a rest. The other way is to take breaks in groups. However, it is important to be six feet apart. It is a nice strategy to lower the mask heat. 

3. Hire professional movers

Another great tip for safe moving in the new normal is hiring office movers to relocate your office. Since they are professionals, they understand the risks associated with Covid-19. In addition, they have been trained on how to pack and move items in the new normal. utilizing specialized moving and packing services.

4. Get a virtual estimate

Before covid-19, people would get an actual estimate. However, things have changed and it might not be possible for movers to visit your home for an estimate. However, it is possible to get a virtual estimate. 

Research more about the professional movers online, recruit one via the internet and get estimates. Through a video call, you can easily walk through your home and a moving company can manage to evaluate your needs. But you may be asked to measure large furniture and send them the measurements. 

5. Work in separate places

When you have hired professional movers such as NYC movers or you are working with friends and family members, make sure you work in different rooms. This is a good way to reduce overcrowding and everyone can be able to breathe fresh air. 

6. Clean as you move

Cleaning as you move is a nice way to stay safe in the new normal. Clean with water and soap or use disinfectant to clean rooms after you are done. For instance, if you move furniture or a box, wipe that area. 

Health experts also recommend people keep cleaning or wiping high-touch areas such as doors, counters, appliances, and handles. Wipe the areas severally to ensure everyone is safe. 

7. Plan your stops

When moving, especially a long-distance move, it is important to plan your stops. Since you may be required to stop for drinks, washrooms, gas, or to take a rest, make sure you plan where to stop ahead of time. 

Look for areas that are less populated or areas that are safe. For instance, if you are planning to spend a night at a hotel, book as early as you can. Fortunately, you can now book online or through an app.  

8. Make sure you have snacks, drinks, and antibacterial wipes

Since you need to minimize crowded places such as hotels and supermarkets, make sure you have packed enough snacks and drinks for the long trip. Also, pack fresh water for the journey.

It is also a good way to pack antibacterial wipes. The wipes are important for wiping your hands when moving. 

9. Get the new place ready

It is a perfect idea to get the new place ready to move in. Since you might not be sure who the previous owner was, make sure you clean the high-touch areas. 

So, arrive before the moving truck, get the utilities ready, ensure the AC is working properly, and the areas are clean for a move-in. 

10. Have unpacking and unloading areas

In the new normal, you need to be as vigilant as possible. One way to keep everyone safe is setting up unpacking and unloading areas. Here, you will keep large furniture and boxes before moving them inside. 

When unloading and unpacking, take breaks to catch breathers. Since unpacking is a tedious duty, make sure people are wearing a mask and take rests when it is necessary. 


Relocating your office or household items in this new normal is not easy. You need to ensure you and your loved ones are safe even as you move. Happily, observing the above tips and can you safe and healthy. 

So, make sure you plan ahead, engage professional movers, and observe all the covid-19 rules recommended. 

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