Moving Overseas Tips For Everyone

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Diversity, they say, is the spice of life. There’s no better way to experience the many cultures of the world than traveling.

Be it spending a year in Australia, or experiencing the diverse African cultures, moving to a foreign country can be both frightening and exciting. However, by completing all required tasks early on, you can make your trip and overall relocation to your destination country stress free and enjoyable.

Here are some starter tips on how to adequately manage the process:

Save as much as you can

Stocking up your savings account ahead helps to build money required for the necessary relocation expenses, including transportation fees, plane tickets, housing expenses, and so on. A rule of thumb is to have a minimum of six months’ worth of savings before considering relocation abroad.

Additionally, it would help if you took the time to research the exchange rate and overall cost of living in your desired location. Planning ahead would help in coming up with a budget to channel your expenses adequately.

Ensure all documents are in order

Most foreign countries require a passport that’s been valid for at least six months before the travel date. Depending on the area you are traveling to, you may or may not need to process a visa. Check out your desired country’s government website to see what other documents you would be required to submit. These may include processing papers, valid national I.D., etc. and ensure you create the desired number of copies of each document and an extra copy for your personal use just in case.

Take care of your health

If not managed adequately, moving to a new country can take a toll on your mental and physical state. Ensure you research the climate conditions of your desired area and prepare for the new environment by shopping for suitable clothing, stocking up on medication, and completing any outstanding immunizations you may have.

Contact your health care provider to ensure all your records are in check; find out if their services are extendable to your desired location. Additionally, you should find out if your prescription medication is allowed and easily accessible in the country.

Also, find out the healthcare requirements of your desired country; would you be required to fund your healthcare, or is it available to foreigners?

Inform your bank and phone providers

Take time to research the banks in your destination country, the processes required to register a savings or checking account, and make sure the required paperwork is in order beforehand.

Contact the bank and credit card providers of your travel dates early on, and consider investing in an international credit card to mitigate foreign transaction fees.

Additionally, unlocking your smartphone ahead of time makes your device able to read SIM cards from a different carrier (a foreign SIM card), thereby easing your mobile communication in your new area.

Enroll with STEP

For up-to-date information on your new country’s safety conditions, the Smart Traveller Enrollment Program is a helpful tool. Registering with the US Embassy’s STEP will also help notify you in times of emergency, including cases of natural disasters and family emergencies.

Plan the moving requirements

Now that you’ve gotten all pre-travel things in order, you should research on requirements needed to transport belongings from your home country.

If you plan on storing many of your items in your home country, find the cost of furniture and essential items like kitchen equipment, bedding, and so on in your new area. You could raise funds by selling many of your old belongings online or in a yard sale.

However, if you intend to migrate a bulk of your items to your new residence, you would have to research the cost and overall logistics of each item. This task can be quite cumbersome, and it’s better to leave it in the hands of an efficient transportation company.

SDC overseas moving company provides its clients professional services ranging from storage options to shipment preparations to make moving both timely and efficient. By notifying SDC ahead of time, the company provides a relocation specialist to help give an overall estimate of the international moving companies’ rates and costs.

Research on transportation

If you intend on shipping your vehicle, ensure you register for an International Driver’s Permit before moving and note the process of getting a driver’s license in your new country. On the other hand, if you would instead take public transportation, learn about the different systems and pricing put in place beforehand. Finding out about the country’s transportation ahead of time saves you the stress of figuring things out on the fly and gives you an estimate of how much you will be investing in transportation.

Know the culture

Familiarising yourself with the country’s norms and traditions will help make relocating a lot more fluid. Before moving, spend time learning about social norms; invest in materials (books, news outlets, movies) that take place in your destination country. And depending on whether or not they speak in a foreign language, learn a few basic phrases to foster better communication; and don’t forget to have fun during the process.


And there you have it, a handful of tips on how to prepare for the big move. By following these instructions, you’d find your stay both stress free and enjoyable. Have a safe trip!

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