Music Education Nurtures Your Child’s Confidence & Self-Esteem #GuitarCenter

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As someone who has grown up with self-esteem issues much of her life, I know how important it is to nurture my daughter’s confidence and self-esteem. Riley is a beautiful individual and I want her to believe that herself. One thing that has always helped my confidence is music. Even growing up – being in band and choir, they helped me with many aspects and issues of my life. I honestly don’t know what I would do without music. That’s why I’m so glad that Riley has taken to loving music just as much as I do. When I found out I was pregnant with her, I started off playing nursery rhymes for her. If you are interesting music for either yourself or your child, a great place to check out is your local Guitar Center store.

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Guitar Center is actually known as one of the largest independent music educators in the United States. They have created custom curriculum that focuses on teaching theory through contemporary music and all of the curriculum programs have been approved by the National Association for Music Education. This organization is the world’s largest arts education. If you or your child need a self-tailored curriculum to meet your goals and interests, Guitar Center also caters to that.

With over 200 locations available nationally and a wide range of things available – lessons, to retail, to instrument repairs and supplemental learning materials – Guitar Center really is your one-stop shop for all things music.

Riley received a guitar for a holiday recently so for Christmas this year I will be getting her guitar lessons. Thanks to Guitar Center I know that the instructors are passionate and Riley will be paired with an instructor that is right for her.

There are so many benefits to music from helping with self-esteem, increasing social skills, improving academics and cognitive reasoning, lowering anxiety, helping create discipline, and so much more – music really is an integral part of our lives. And Guitar Center is the perfect place to look to learn to play guitar, get vocal lessons, and more! To get started, click here to find the location nearest to you!

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