Music Has Always Been There For Me #MusicArtsTips

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Music is always there.  It always has been for me, even growing up.  It has helped me grow into the person I am today, and by passing on my love of music to my daughter I hope that it will be something she knows she can always turn to.  I’m excited to tell you a little bit more about my music journey and let you know about Music & Arts great music lessons!

Music Has Always Been There For Me #MusicArtsTipsGrowing up, we always had music playing.  My mom and dad both liked country and rock music the most, so that is what I listened to most of the time.  Later on, when I was in high school, my mom also started listening to Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban so I listened to them as well.  I like a variety of music – everything from Luke Bryan, to Halestorm, to Josh Groban, and more.  There’s just some times I like listening to classical music, and some times where I need some rock.  I also enjoy singing every Sunday at church to the hymns.  Music helps me relax and there’s always a song that you can relate to no matter what you are going through.  It’s certainly therapeutic.

I took piano lessons for 2 years.  I was pretty good and whipped through my lessons very quickly.  I wish I would hae stuck with it longer, though.  I got into sports and put the piano lessons to the side.  I also played the flute in elementary and junior high band.  I didn’t enjoy it as much as piano, but did make some great friends and have a good time learning and playing music.  Whether you are playing or listening, music is a great way to escape.  It keeps a child’s brain going and if they are in band or orchestra, they will make some deep friendships since music is a great way to connect to one another.  Not to mention, there has been much research done that shows students that are involved in music even achieve higher grades and improved behavior.

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If you are not sure on how to get your child started in music lessons, Music & Arts is here to help!  Music & Arts is the premier private music lessons facility.  They will help you find an instructor in whatever instrument that your child wants to play and help you connect with them.  The lessons are customized by instructors to help fit all ages, levels, and genres of music.  The environment at Music & Arts is family friendly and the students are encouraged to learn in their own way with the help of the professional instructor to customize the lessons.  And if you need any help at all, there is knowledgeale staff on site that is able to help you.    Your child will even be able to showcase their progress with in-store recitals, clinics, open mics, and more.

Does your child play an instrument?  Do/did you?

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  1. I quit piano when I reached high school and I always wonder how my life would have been if I kept at it.

  2. I’m glad my mom didn’t let me quit. I’ve played piano for 32 years now 🙂 Now I have myself own 3 year old son and in the next few years, he will start learning piano too!

  3. Music can speak to our soul like nothing or no one else can.

  4. kathy hammac says

    I played the piano for four years. I sometimes wish I had kept up with it because now I can play one handed, but cannot get both hands to play together.

  5. I don’t play an instrument but I used to love to listen to my mom play the piano.

  6. My son plays the trombone, he just started this year. We got his instrument from Music & Arts and considering taking lessons too.

  7. I took piano lessons for what seems like forever! In fact, if it weren’t for those lessons, I wouldn’t have met my husband – as it was my piano teacher who introduced us!

  8. I used to play the drums. I miss playing, but I think that I would be a little rusty.

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