MyLife – Where You Can See All Your Social Media Profiles In One Place!

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Social media is all the rage anymore. From Facebook, to Twitter, and Pinterest and so many more, it’s very time consuming. Having to either open up several tabs on your web browser or switching back and forth to each website manually, it’s a major pain. With a blog, I’m on all of the main social media accounts. They’re crucial to my blog and my connection with my friends, family, fans, and companies. So what’s another option besides having all of your social media websites open in different tabs?

That’s where MyLife comes in! Using MyLife, you can manage your communications across the most popular social networks and email accounts conveniently in one, simple, easy to use dashboard. Another great thing about it? It’s secure. You can also make more personal and professional connections by searching over 700 million profiles, and you can do it all in one place!

A lot of the features you have to be a premium member, though. For free you get ongoing alerts for new matches, can perform unlimited searches, and your searches are saved and tracked. With your premium membership, you get all of the free options, plus access to full profiles, can read and respond to emails, view member’s photos, and much much more.

If you purchase a MyLife premium account and decide that it is just not for you and want to cancel, you can get a MyLife Refund! You just have to contact the customer service number which is open at reasonable hours Monday through Friday, and even on the weekends!

Have you tried MyLife? I’d love to hear about your experience with the service!

Sharing is caring!

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