Need Flooring Options For Mid and High Traffic Areas? This Company Specializes in Epoxy Flooring!

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Who says you can’t have a durable yet beautiful floor for your commercial and industrial needs? You don’t have to cave into a drab floor with no appeal! Epoxies are recent trends; they are as durable as they are beautiful. The only downside is the installation. Fortunately, this company specializes in epoxy flooring!

We got you covered! Let’s get started then!

Understanding The Need for Epoxy Flooring

High-traffic areas need equally strong bases. Imagine a 911 case with a patient on a stretcher! Tension is high, nurses and relatives stomping in haste and worry! And suddenly, the floor collapses under the pressure!

What a disasterclass!

Mind you, that’s just a hospital floor. How about warehouses? What will happen in garages and other heavy-equipment-base commercial sites?

Let’s not even visualize the dangers. Instead, we’d dig into epoxy flooring and how it helps.

What is Epoxy Flooring? What Made this Flooring Option a base for Heavy Duties?

Epoxy floors are industrial floors. And they are constant features for hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, and warehouses.

Built to withstand mid to high traffic, these kind of floors are resistant to:

  • Acid wear-off,
  • Cleaning agents,
  • Chemical solvents, and
  • Mechanical wear and tear

Due to its properties – flexible endurance and off-the-charts compression rate – epoxy flooring had since gained a massive following. And that’s all thanks to its primary component: epoxy additive resin.

The Process of a Lasting Flooring Option

Epoxy additive resin mixed with hardener and the aggregate of flooring ingredients (such as sand and quartz) gives you a strong, durable binding polymer. This polymer then settles on concrete to form a hard, stain-resistant, desirable plastic floor in a few days.

Hurray! Now, you can walk freely in your schools, warehouses, and any other commercial centers with ease.

Wait, Is that all – only comfortability? What other benefits will you gain from epoxy floorings?

Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring

Beauty and The Beast

Compared to conventional flooring alternatives, epoxy is a beauty. As icing on the cake, epoxy flooring yet adds grittiness to exclusive beauty.

That way, you get a polished, high-gloss flooring that gives your building an aesthetic boost. And the best part: epoxy bases resist water and oil stains.

However, be mindful of water and oils! A watery or oily epoxy base will have you hugging your floor in the snap of a finger – and that could be harmful.

Endurance and Ease of Use

You’ll hardly have stains stuck to your epoxy floor. Say specks of dirt eventually stick, cleaning this kind of flooring is convenient.

All you need do is a vacuum sweep for your building. After, get a foam-mop and warm water to wipe off deep/stuck dirt.

About endurance, epoxy flooring is one hell of a durable base. Do you know these floors support driving?

Yes, driving!

Also, you can store your heavy machines with no fear of crack on the base. If at all an epoxy will crack, it’d be because the heavy material has a pointed ending and landed awkwardly on the surface.

Good deal, eh?

Get yourself an epoxy floor!

Don’t forget that this (our) company specializes in epoxy flooring, and we can help! If you are in Northern or Central California another great option for epoxy flooring is

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