5 Neighborhoods in DC that are Child-Friendly

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Planning a move soon? Perhaps you and your family are trying to narrow down a safe and family-focused location to plant your roots and grow together.  Perhaps you’re looking for something fun, thriving and adventurous. Perhaps you’re looking for a small community that offers safety and nature.

There are many communities in Washington DC that have had a bad reputation in the past, but all of that is changing and the area is taking proactive steps to make their communities more family-friendly and focus more on children’s educations.  If you’re thinking about moving, DC should be a consideration for you, especially if you’ve got kids and /or plan on having children in the future. Even if you’re a single person looking to settle down, I’d suggest checking out these 5 child-friendly neighborhoods so you can grow into the area and have a safe and exciting to raise your family.

  1. Mount Pleasant

If you’re looking for a stylish and chic location that doubles as a family-friendly area, you won’t need to look past Mount Pleasant.  There are so many exciting and vibrant attractions in this area, you and your family will never get bored. Nestled nicely by the water, there are water parks, conservation areas, museums, historical sites and more for your family to explore and take day trips to visit. The community is chock full of the famous Mount Pleasant apartments that offer a very vintage and homey feel.

  1. Georgetown

Georgetown is the oldest neighborhood within the DC district.  It was founded in 1751 and holds a ton of history; the cobblestone streets and 18th-century architecture are just the beginning of the historical journey this place holds.  Although it’s a smaller area, Georgetown holds everything needs for families, including stores and elementary, middle, and high schools. There are even partnerships with local Universities to offer higher education to those that wish to stay close to home.  If you’re not able to move to this area, it still offers an incredible historical journey and you should prioritize a visit as soon as you’re able.

  1. Glover Park

This adorable neighborhood has been nicknamed the “Leave It to Beaver” community and has seen a 25% increase in the population of children over the past ten years.   It is home to Stoddart Elementary School, which ranked first among all DC schools in 2010. Many of the military family kids attend this school and are as diverse as it can get; an experience that is irreplaceable for children.  The community is also known for its communicative and supportive parental atmosphere; parents use online forums to arrange babysitters and support to each other. It’s also big on community gardens, softball games, and is known as one of the safest communities in DC.  This is defiantly a community worth looking into.

  1. DuPoint Circle

DuPoint was once a rough scene for crime, but it has been overtaken by young and well-educated families and is getting a much better reputation.  The community has gotten a facelift and is now one of the most attractive and lit areas nearby. While it’s on the smaller side, the community is alive with the arts, culture and nightlife and still offers the “small town” feel that is so desirable for young families.  It’s well known for its high-end schools and sometimes can even have waitlists because of the high demand for quality education. While some areas are wealthier in real estate, there is still affordable living within the community. It may be a good idea to call ahead and ensure your child/ren are able to access the education system before packing up your boxes.

  1. Friendship Heights

A popular spot for military and middle-income families, Friendship Point offers a more affordable, yet still nice, option.  The buildings and apartments are all beautifully maintained, offering a very homey and cozy feel. The streets are walkable, and it has a great metro system for those families without vehicles (or for those who prefer not to use their vehicle).  It’s surrounded by good schools and is a great little commuter community for those that work outside of the area. I may come as a surprise, but Friendship Heights actually draws in people from all over for its high-end retail options, with shops from Gucci, J. Crew, and more!


Moving is always stressful and nerve-racking, but if you make the right choices and do the proper research, it can be the best thing for you and your family.  Consider all the important factors to you, whether that’s schools, shopping, walkability, adventure opportunities or historical sites and make your decision from there.  Obviously, the price will always be a consideration, but there is something safe and family-friendly for every price range.

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