Newly-Fashionable Products with Old-School Charm

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Fashion is a cycle. As much as any generation’s young people wouldn’t like to admit it, fashion is a constantly revolving door of trends and trials. 

From parachute pants to neon colors, even the oddest trends eventually return to the spotlight, rebranded, and sometimes updated to fit the public culture of the time. 

So, here are newly-fashionable products with old-school charm:


Pearls are always a great way to spruce up an outfit. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a little black dress, pearls are pieces of jewelry that have a brilliant, elegant, and beautiful aura. 

Historians believe that pearls first adorned the necks of the rich and powerful in the fifth century

B.C throughout the Persian conquest. 

Yet, it was first-century Roman women who upholstered couches and other furniture with pearls, making them a popular commodity. 

Throughout the centuries, “pearling” as the stringing of pearls (or other small gems) is called, and wearing those pearls has shifted in and out of the upper echelon’s tastes. Nevertheless, pearls have never completely fallen out of fashion, which is why their re-emergence into style is no great surprise. 


Turntables and record players are some of the most iconic musical devices available. Much of that prototypical charm comes from the fact that inventors created the basic function of the record player before any other modernized music player. 

In 1857 Edouard-Leon Scott created what he called the phonautograph. This turntable design recorded sound waves on a glass plate, but it couldn’t play those soundwaves back. Yet, that was never Scott’s intention. Rather, the phonautograph’s purpose was to help him evaluate acoustics, which it did.

Later, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, which repurposed elements of the phonautograph, the telegraph, and the telephone. While Edison’s intention was not to create a device that played music back either, that was what he created. 

As a result, the turntable or record player design has continued to ebb and flow into the music trends throughout the generations. 

Now, record players and turntables have many different colors, patterns, and even functions that allow it to use modern technology to help it function for that overall old-school feel. 

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves have always had one main purpose: to complete a stylish outfit. Allegedly, Egyptian Queen Nefertiti started the scarf craze when she wore something similar to accompany a headdress.

Yet, it seems that regardless of what era you are in, scarves have always wrapped themselves into a style. Therefore, the return of silk scarves, especially in bold patterns and colors, makes sense to former generations who have seen the cycle before. 


Wicker started as an indoor furniture commodity, with the first piece of wicker landing in America from the Mayflower in 1620. Yet, using wicker as a seat or other portion of furniture is a fashion that dates back at least to the Egyptian era. 

The comfort and durability of the wicker made it a favorite material throughout the world throughout the 1960s. Eventually, though, wicker furniture was for outdoor use, again due to its durability. 

Throughout the 1990s, the trend of wicker outdoor dining sets and chairs persisted, but the style became unwound in the early 2000s.

Funny enough, though, the wicker fad is back, and people return to some of the most vintage uses of wicker, as indoor furniture. Yet, fashion gurus warn that wicker should be an accent for a room, not the room’s focal point. So, don’t go wicker crazy and remodel everything, including the vanity mirror with wicker as people did throughout the eighties and early nineties.

Tie-Dyed Clothing

Tie-Dye clothing is always fun, but while it was a popular look in the early 2000s, it tapered off for a decade or so. 

However, it would appear from the recent surge in tie-dye clothing it is making a rather colorful comeback. After all, who doesn’t love an oversized, brilliantly dyed sweatshirt? 

This clothing style is fun to make and wear, so we all knew it wasn’t going to remain out of fashion for long. 

Ultimately, your style is your own, and we live in a time where a unique style is usually appreciated. Therefore, whether you are keen on these vintage styles or want to walk a different fashion path, you have that ability. 

The most important thing is the decor and products you choose fit with your lifestyle and make you happy. 

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