‘No One Ever Has Sex On a Tuesday’ by Tracy Bloom Guest Post

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No One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday by Tracy Bloom | Optimistic Mommy

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In Tracy Bloom’s new romantic comedy, No One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday, you meet Matthew and Katy. They have a crazy one night stand after a school reunion. Afterwards they agree that they won’t see each other again. That is, until they meet again eight months later when the y have to face that fact that Matthew may be the father of Katy’s baby!

Today Tracy is guest posting right here on Optimistic Mommy! Please check it out, follow her, and buy her book! I will be doing a review possibly next week – so watch out for that! 🙂

Now, here’s Tracy!


NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY – Not just a British sense of humour

I guess it’s fitting that I didn’t begin writing in my native England. Marriage, a baby and a husband sent to work in the USA for three years slung me out of my previous career developing theme park rides, and into potential desperate housewife territory. Gazing around leafy Connecticut I remembered I’d once dreamed of writing a book and so armed with ideas and what I thought was a very British sense of humour, I joined a creative writing class and NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY was born. The tale of childhood sweethearts having a one-night stand when they meet years later at a school reunion seemed to strike a chord. My American classmates genuinely laughed-out-loud. When two of them had a row about whether my lead character should stick with her younger boyfriend or rekindle her teenage romance having discovered that either men could be the father of her baby, I knew I had something.

Eventually it was finished and I skipped class to sweat over letters to potential agents in London and to my absolute shock I got one straight away. The Italians will love it she declared. But it’s set in northern England I thought! Sure enough even before taking it to the Frankfurt Book Fair the news came that Sperling & Kupfer of Italy had secured it in a pre-empted bid. Then it went to the highest bidder in Germany before Brazil grabbed hold of it followed by Poland and then Serbia. But no UK deal. Admittedly I was crushed that I wouldn’t be seeing my book on home territory until the reality of being published abroad sank in. Someone in Brazil, a country I had never even visited, thought I was funny, thought I could write and wanted other Brazilians to read my story. That, I decided, was pretty cool.

In a bid to actually get to see my book in a bookshop I travelled to Italy when it was launched. I spent all day trailing bookshops, taking pictures of my book, trying to convince shop owners that I was the author and not some eccentric English lady who couldn’t speak Italian yet convinced she’s written an entire book in their language. I was taken out to dinner by my publisher, a grand dame of the industry weighed down by precious metals and with hair that had definitely not been blow dried by herself. I asked her what she thought of a lad in the book nicknamed Braindead. She informed me that she knew an Italian Braindead!

Finally, with the support of my agent who also represents Sophie Kinsella my novel is available in English on Amazon. I can now see if English speakers find my tale of a one-night stand that leads to utter chaos funny. I can also understand the reviews for NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY without having to resort to Google Translate!


Thank you, Tracy, for your guest post!

If you would like to contact Tracy you can on her website or through Twitter!

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  1. Gillian says

    This is a truly funny book. I’ve read it a couple of times, and each time I’ve laughed out loud. So much so that my husband keeps asking me what I’m reading!
    It also includes a taster for Tracy’s next book – Single Women Seeks Revenge. I really enjoyed the taster, so look out for that being release.

    My recommendation – read ‘No one ever has sex on a Tuesday’.

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