Nomading, the Newest “Jet Setting” Plan for Road Tripping

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The love of travel is a naturally occurring feeling. It emanates from deep within the soul and cannot be ignored by more than 20% of America’s population. Age and generation do not factor into this urge to seek adventure, anywhere and everywhere, with great enthusiasm and curiosity. 

Nomadic tendencies can be found within all age groups. When acted on, these energy spurts create active wanderlust. Whether the destinations chosen to soothe your travel cravings are far or near, this increasingly compelling desire to replace our comfort zone, and local horizons, with unseen wonders, is growing exponentially.  

The discovery of strange new sights, landscapes, scenic vistas, cultural nuances, food stuffs, and other amenities of this spinning globe, must be touched, and savored, not denied.

Nomading is “In”

To remain healthy, large numbers of people are not flying right now. Road trip innovations are being embraced as the new “jet setting” trend, replacing wings, for wheels. 

The new normal, for those of us with nomadic, or wanderlust tendencies, who frequently feel walls closing in, and yawns outnumbering, adventures; are fearless, undaunted, road trips.  It is a fact that travel improves the quality of life. The outdoors is becoming “in”.  Nature and an unbridled interaction with it, offer healing qualities, not contained within any herb, vitamin pill or smoothie. 

Becoming a Digital Nomad is one of the best ways to take full advantage of this nomadic life. Teaching English online is an increasingly popular trend and such a good way to actually become a digital nomad.

Travel Safety Essentials, 2021 Style

In 2021, people are planning trips to national parks, or cabins in the woods, seeking:  close and tactile connections with nature, compelling views of the night sky, and flowing fields of wildflowers. Also, they are trading urban and suburban life, for mountain cabins, and the deep purple haze of unfamiliar sunsets. 

The family third space, the automobile, SUV, camper, recreational vehicle, or sedan, with fold-down seating, is now a mini-mobile, rolling, home. Safety is a critical factor. When using your own car to wander, you legally must have to be insured with minimum liability insurance. If your auto policy has full coverage, you should be road ready. Don’t guess. Be sure you have roadside assistance, and enough liability to handle anything unexpected. Freeway Car Insurance can provide full coverage, roadside assistance, and if needed, motorcycle insurance for those exciting off-road excursions. 

Apple Maps recently released data revealing these new, nomadic mobility trends, disclosing the mounting requests for routes, in recent years, as more travelers head to the open roads, to find new lakes, waterfalls, and sandy beaches. Large events, for now, will take place in the woods, and national parks, which provide solitude, space, massive social distancing for safety, and group gatherings of only those you live with, in your bubble.

Prepare to Vehiculate – Nomading Needs for 2021

This year, and ongoing, the vehicle you drive has now become a nurturing, gathering space on wheels. To prepare for the nomadic wandering you wish to engage in, the following is a basic list of creature comforts, techie needs, and road-ready amenities, to assure a splendid road trip engagement: 

  • Extra soft comforters and pillows 
  • Inflatable back seat car mattress
  • French fry holder
  • Mobile mounting for your flat screen devise
  • First aid kit and insect repellent
  • Sunscreen, ointments, visors
  • Athletic shoes, hiking boots, running shoes
  • Zero breeze auto air conditioner
  • Sunshades for windows
  • Doggie car seat
  • USB-C car charger 
  • Fairy lights
  • N95 masks, hand sanitizer, soap, towels, disposable gloves
  • Waterproof tent, binoculars, or travel telescope, handheld microscope
  • Canned foods, granola, utensils, reusable water bottles, can opener
  • Extra car keys in case of loss
  • Board games, and music playlists
  • Netflix movie lists
  • Tool/knife combo set
  • Sanitizing spray
  • Pocket size, phone charger

This all-encompassing list will assist you with the preparations needed to get there, fully ready to go surfing, mountain biking, river rafting, hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, glam-camping, or star gazing. 

Can’t Fly?  Road Trip – Nomading Style 

Nothing belongs to a nomad except the priceless essentials which are often comprised of the surrounding air, sleep space, dreams, the sky, and the sea. Although the staggering list of must-haves, captioned above, seems like a lot of stuff, the destinations where you and your loved ones go, become a permanent part of who you then become, in life. 

Health, happiness, and special memories are waiting to be experienced, and captured with selfies and us-ie’s, (two people or more), to last well into infinity. This is the new normal, for now, and with imagination, kindness, caring, and that deep need to be in nature, safely, and together, your happiness level will soar.

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