Norway Mobileabonnement, Mobile Data and Prepaid SIM Cards

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Norway has two top mobile operators with excellent networks and reasonable prepaid plans; however, prepaid sim cards purchased at convenience stores do not function until registered and activated by an operator.

To register and activate a SIM card, visit an authorized store of the provider and present your passport or EU/EEA national ID card for registration; registration should usually be fast and painless. However, each company is different with varying options – so read the article below to find out more.


Visitors looking to post pictures or stay in contact with family back home must have access to a Telenor Norwegian SIM card to keep up with social media, communicate, or use Google Maps while out and about. By purchasing one before your journey starts, it will save money from costly roaming rates while abroad.

Telenor, Telia or Mycall SIM cards can be purchased in their stores, at resellers such as grocery stores and convenience stores, or Oslo (Gardermoen) Airport (OSL). Traveling with an unlocked smartphone? Many stores offer eSIM solutions which allow users to pre-register their phone numbers before arriving so as to avoid roaming charges and save on roaming costs.

Norwegian prepaid data plans are among the most expensive in Europe, so it is best to purchase a SIM card from one of Norway’s mobile operators at either Oslo Airport or once you arrive in town. Alternatively, use this site – recommends you use an international credit card and top up via Telenor or Mycall websites using an international credit card. Vouchers may be purchased at convenience stores while changing the website top-up menu to English is easily accomplished if necessary.

Traveltomtom suggests visiting one of the official Telenor or Telia retail stores in Oslo that speak excellent English to ensure you receive top service, advice and ensure your Norwegian sim card works immediately upon leaving the store.

Telenor is committed to digitalizing its distribution in an optimal manner for its consumers, making sure the process is both competitively neutral, secure, and respects privacy. As part of this endeavor, it will require various digital services – connectivity, device registration and user interface among others – along with user experience improvements that provide a good user experience. This complex project must also take place without incurring excessive costs to complete successfully.

Telenor offers more than mobile network services in Norway: they also provide broadband internet throughout the country and partner with Netflix for high-speed video streaming. Telenor provides EU/EEA roaming so customers can use domestic data while roaming in other countries without exceeding their allowance.


Telia SIM cards provide an easy and cost-effective solution for staying connected in Norway, offering outstanding coverage and fast speeds, particularly in Oslo. Prepaid SIMs can be purchased either at the airport or from local mobile stores such as Byporten shopping center in central Oslo (known as Oslo S).

Telia is Norway’s second-largest network with top-tier prepaid packages. As the only network that covers Trollstigen mountain pass (which you can learn about here) they stand alone. Formerly known as NetCom, they acquired Tele2 in March 2016; recent network tests show they have improved coverage over Telenor.

Purchase of Telia Prepaid SIMs can be done for around 100 dollars at Telia stores or convenience stores (store locator), including 250MB data and free voice and text for two weeks. Narvesen, 7-Eleven Deli de Luca as well as many electronic retailers sell starter packs for 29 bucks each; all packages auto-renew as long as credit remains. Otherwise they expire after 12 months without activation; you can check balance or expire by texting “SALDO” to 06160 for assistance.

To maximize the use of your Telia prepaid SIM, it is recommended that you update your phone software regularly with the most up-to-date versions available. This will help avoid bugs or performance issues from occurring and enhance internet speed and quality. In addition, keep the battery charged at least 50% so as to prevent running out of juice during trips.

Most residents suggest purchasing your prepaid sim card as soon as you arrive in Oslo at either an official Telia or Telenor store, with English-speaking employees and ready to answer any of your queries. They’ll make sure your sim card is active before you leave and can provide assurances of high-quality service through official partnerships with Telia.


Those visiting Norway for extended stays will want to sign a Norwegian mobile network contract (or “abonnement”) with Lyca that provides you with a fixed monthly fee that covers minutes, SMS messages and data usage. This will save money over time and give peace of mind that wherever they roam in Norway you are covered. Alternatively prepaid SIM cards may be the better solution as they’re cheaper and much simpler to set up on phones.

Telenor and Telia are Norway’s two primary networks, both offering extensive coverage across the country – but Lyca is a close third. Telenor’s Kontant prepaid SIM can be purchased in its own shops as well as most convenience stores at 200 NOK/PS20 with 50 NOK credit credited, and you can top up at many stores or online using your international credit card if necessary.

This company offers more flexible prepaid plans than Telenor. Their SMART Kontant Mikro SIM card provides bundles that last up to 31 days and can be renewed as needed; shorter bundles for express trips can also be added. The company boasts superior 4G coverage than Telenor and provides unlimited EU roaming at no additional charge.

Lycamobile, a UK-based mobile operator that offers low-cost international data bundles for travelers to Norway and other European nations is another good option to stay connected while traveling overseas. Their bundles have some of the cheapest data rates among all providers based in Britain – perfect for staying in touch.

All prepaid SIM cards available in Norway allow free EU roaming and are compatible with most mobile phones, with each coming equipped with instructions on activation and setup. Packages auto-renew until you stop them manually by texting “STOP” to 06160 – for ease of research you can easily visit one of the major prepaid provider websites available in English for this purpose.


Mobal SIM cards provide an efficient solution for staying connected while traveling in Norway without carrying around a pocket WiFi router that requires constant charging or is inconvenient to use in public. They work with most phones and can be used to access email, social media and calling/texting locally as well as fast 4G LTE data speeds – with 30 or 90 day plans available depending on how long your stay lasts.

Mobal data only sim cards use the extensive Softbank network and feature a fair usage policy with unlimited 4G LTE speeds for up to 7GB each month; after which speeds will be decreased gradually. There’s no commitment or credit card necessary – you simply activated it! Plan options available are valid for 8, 16 or 31 days from activation date.

Mobile provides a range of SIM cards, and also has an intuitive app for easily ordering mobile data top-ups and reviewing call charges. Customers can download it for both Apple and Android devices from the App Store – customers can even sign up to a free trial by registering with them online!

Mobal stands out among companies offering SIM cards by providing convenient solutions to foreign travelers. Their website features an organized overview of each product so users can quickly locate what they require without getting lost in details. English support services and charitable contributions are offered.

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