Now it’s the ideal time to switch to LED lighting – here is how you can do it

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Did you know that some countries have introduced a ban on the manufacturing and use of halogen light bulbs? Even if they are still available to purchase in most of the world, they are no longer in production in some countries. Therefore, you should consider the option of switching to LED lighting. Not only that’ll come a time when you’ll no longer find halogen bulbs in the stores, but LEDs are also more durable and last longer. LED lights have been created to operate more than 35,000 hours, and some of them have even a 100,000 hours lifespan. LED lights don’t burn out over a period or lose from their brightness, as halogen bulbs do.

LED lights have managed to turn the tide in the lighting sector and are stocking shelves more than ever. This article details why they are selling like hotcakes, and electricians recommend them when installing electrical systems. 

Reasons why you should switch to LED lighting


LEDs are proven to be highly efficient. They provide you with an 80% to 90% efficiency, which means that 80% to 90% of their energy is turned into light instead of heat. You’ll quickly discover that LED bulbs are a smart investment because they also last longer than their halogen counterparts. To determine what kind of LEDs you should install, contact your local electrician. 

They don’t produce harmful ultraviolet ray emissions

LEDs were created as an alternative to bulbs that emit UV rays, so you’ll notice that they produce the least infra-led light from the entire range of bulbs available on the market. You can install them even in cupboards, storage facilities, and other places where you want to prevent artificial light from damaging the goods with their UV rays or heat. When you visit a museum, check the lights. You’ll most definitely notice that it uses LEDs because they brighten the displays without deteriorating the artifacts. 

They’re eco-friendly

LED bulbs don’t include any harmful components like mercury that impact the environment, and they’re recyclable. By switching to LED lighting, you can lower your carbon footprint by a third. LEDs last longer than classic bulbs. If it were to compare them with halogens, they last 35 times longer. Because they’re durable and have a longer lifespan, they also save on production and material costs. 

They’re available in a wide range of colours

You can find LED bulbs in multiple colours and temperatures, making it easy to set the desired mood in a room. LEDs in 4000k temperatures have a cool white colour and are usually used in bathrooms and offices. In-between temperatures like the 3000k warm white work for both office and residential environments. 2700k LEDs with a very warm white are mostly used in bedrooms and living rooms because they give the sense of a relaxed atmosphere. Warmer temperatures create a cosy mood and are ideal for residential environments because they help with the circadian rhythms and get the human body into a routine by warming the environment in the morning and evening. 

Reduce the electricity bill

Electricity bills are dreadful, and you never know what to expect. Lighting makes a great contribution to your monthly electricity bill. LEDs can help you lower the electricity bill because they’re more energy-efficient than other traditional solutions. The average LED bulb consumes only a tenth of the power consumed by incandescent bulbs. So, it would help if you switched to economical lighting that cuts the costs. 

Should you change the LED bulbs by yourself or hire an electrician?

Even if switching from fluorescent or halogen lighting to LEDs sounds easy, there’s a good reason not to give any electrical work at home a go. Yes, you can replace a deteriorated bulb with another, but you shouldn’t change the entire system by yourself. A wrong step can make the entire project more expensive than expected. And where do you count that it’s pretty risky to do the installation yourself?

Here is why you should hire a specialist. 

The authorities require anyone carrying electrical work to have a license, no matter what kind of job they handle. This includes changing the existing lighting system with a new one. Installing new fixtures falls under these operations, and you should hire someone licensed to handle the task. 

Switching to another kind of lighting may require installing additional outlets. Before you start taking down the existing ones or installing new ones, ask an electrician to come for a home inspection to identify the risks associated with the process. There are many risks associated with installing additional outlets like fire, and an expert should handle the job. Don’t worry if you don’t know one. You’re living in the digital era, so all you have to do is run a Google search by a query like Sydney based electrician near me, and the search engine will provide you with results. 

Light fixtures vary according to their needs, and the electrician also has to determine if the picked location can support the weight. This principle applies to both ceiling and wall light fixtures. Because you lack the needed skills and knowledge, you may fail to determine how much support they require, and the walls or ceilings may give away or collapse under the weight. The result can be a safety hazard, especially when installing ceiling fixtures because people are walking right under them. A licensed electrician has the needed skills and tools to ensure the walls and ceilings can bear the weight of the light fixtures. Also, if you pick special fixtures, they require particular hardware. The project may also need to upgrade the electrical panel to support the new lighting system. You shouldn’t handle this task on your own because working with electricity implies great risk. Discuss with the electrician the special needs of each of the fixtures you want to install and determine if they’re the right solutions for your house. 


LED lights are the ideal option for an eco-friendly house. But you should also seek electrical services before installing them because it’s not as easy a task as it may look. 

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